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WW2 Dutch Town Entry Sign 'Terzool, Friesland'


This is a very rare Dutch place name sign in yellow with black enamel. These signs were placed during the war on behalf of the German occupier to replace the Dutch blue place name signs. This example was intended for the city of 'Terzool' located in the Dutch province 'Friesland'. The sign was made by the Dutch company 'Langcat'. The enamel is showing some traces of usage and small damage and the bottom edge of the sign is missing, see photos. The sign is measuring approximately 96 x 54 cms. This would be a very decorative item in a collection room or diorama. Only a handful of these signs are known in collections. Great and interesting original enamel sign!

SHIPPING: due to the size I will ship this sign only to countries inside the Euro-zone.

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