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German Cultural 'Lebensbaum' Pewter Plate

German Third Reich Period Cultural 'Lebensbaum' Pewter Plate (Zinnteller). The plate is showing the tree of life surrounded by Germanic Rune symbols. The large and heavy plate measures 36cms in diameter. Scarce original and very decorative plate in good condition!

395,00 €

Olympic Games 1936 porcelain vase

This is a nice porcelain vase of the Olympic Games, held in 1936 in Berlin. The vase is approximately 15cms tall. The bottom of the vase is nicely maker marked by the 'Hutschenreuther' company from Selb (Germany). Decorative original vase!

250,00 €

Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger celluloid grip

Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger molded, yellow/orange coloured, celluloid grip with the correct diagonally angled ribbing, regrettably missing wire wrap. There are some cracks. Nice replacement part for a small price!

20,00 €

NSBO Unit Flag 'Wassenberg'

NSBO (National Sozialistische Betriebszellen-Organisation) Unit Flag from the NSBO unit "Wassenberg 2". The flag is trimmed with silver fringe around the edges. There are seven rings present to hang the flag. Very nice and decorative original piece!

895,00 €

Wehrmacht Officer's Sword

Wehrmacht (Heer) Officer's Sword/Saber (Säbel für Offiziere), model 'Wrangel' from the 'Feldmarschall-Serie'. The blade is nicely maker marked by the company of 'Eickhorn' in Solingen. Nice original Wehrmacht Officer's Sword in good used condition!

500,00 €

SA Pillow Cover

Propagandistic SA Pillow Cover (Kissenbezug). The 49 x 37 cms sized pillow cover is showing a nicely handpainted SA soldier waving a Swatika Flag, surrounded by oakleaf with the script "Freiheit und Brot" (Freedom and Bread). Rare and decorative original period item!

225,00 €

Rare original Waffen-SS Typewriter

Rare original 'Olympia' Waffen-SS Typewriter (Schreibmaschine). The Number 5 key is showing the 'SS' runes, all keys are still functional. Hard to find and complete original Waffen-SS Typewriter in good used condition!

495,00 €

NSDAP Propaganda Enamel Sign

'Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei' (NSDAP) Propaganda Enamel Sign (Propagandaschild). Small white enameled wall plaque, measuring approximately 12 x 8 cms. Extremely rare and hard to find original enamel sign in very good condition!

495,00 €

German Hunting Association Pennant

'Deutsche Jägerschaft' (German Hunting Association) Pennant. The double-sided pennant is sized approximately 29 x 19 cms and comes attached to it's original pole. The pennant is in used condition, see photos. Decorative original item!

350,00 €

Luftwaffe Souvenir Wall Plaque

'Das deutsche Volk muss ein Volk von Fliegern werden' wall-plaque. The plaque was a shooting price at the 'Fliegerhorstkompanie Prenzlau' in 1941. The detailed plaque is placed on a wooden base, sized approximately 17 x 20 cms. Hard to find original item!

250,00 €

Kriegsmarine Officer's Dagger

Kriegsmarine Officer's Dagger (Kriegsmarine Dolch für Offiziere), complete with it's original portepee. The etched blade is in good condition and nicely maker marked with the logo of the company 'WKC' from Solingen. Nice original Kriegsmarine dagger in good condition!

795,00 €

Wiking Toy-Ship 'Kreuzer Königsberg'

German cast-iron toy-ship Leichter Kreuzer "Königsberg". The ship is marked 'Wiking-Modell' and 'Made in Germany'. The toy-ship is approximately 14cms long. Nice original period toy in good used condition!

17,50 €

Stadttheaterbaufond Meissen Table Medal 1922

'Stadttheaterbaufond' ceramic table medal (Porzellanmedaille) 1922. The table medal is nicely marked by the famous 'Meissen' company. The table medal is having a diameter of approximately 5cms. Example in very good condition!

35,00 €

KM 'Panzerschiff Admiral Scheer' Pillow

Kriegsmarine 'Panzerschiff Admiral Scheer' Pillow (Kissen). The large sized (63x47 cms) pillow is showing a nicely embroidered image of the 'Admiral Scheer' Battleship on a black background, the battleship is waving the battleflag on the stern of the ship. Rare and decorative original period item!

375,00 €

Kriegsmarine 'Minensuchboot' Pillow

Kriegsmarine 'Minensuchboot' Pillow (Kissen). The pillow (49x36 cms) is showing a nicely embroidered image of a Minesweeper on a black background, 9 original cap-tally's are sewn on the back of the pillow. Rare and decorative original period item!

350,00 €

Original box of WH Bunker Candles

Original box of Wehrmacht Bunker Candles, the box contains 12 candles, the so-called "Hindenburglicht". Complete with original paper description label. Nice original full box of bunker candles in good unissued condition!

50,00 €

Set of 7 Elastolin SA Soldiers

Set of 7 Elastolin Marching SA (Sturmabteilung) Soldiers (SA Männer im Braunhemd marschierend). The soldiers are wearing their Brownshirt and SA-Kepi. One of the soldiers is a musician with a tuba. Nice original toys in good used condition!

125,00 €

NSDAP Luxembourg Ortsgruppe 'Medernach' Flag

NSDAP Luxembourg Ortsgruppe 'Medernach' Unit Flag (NSDAP in Luxemburg Ortsgruppenfahne "Medernach"). The flag is trimmed with silver fringe around the edges. Only one of the rings to hang the flag is still present. Very nice and decorative original piece from a rare foreign NSDAP Unit!

750,00 €

German Amber 'Sieg Heil' Swastika Necklace

Original German Women's Amber 'Sieg Heil' Swastika Necklace. High quality jeweler made example, '835' silver marked and showing a hallmark indication production in the 30's. The necklace is complete with its original chainlet. The details are pronounced and stunning. Nice and scarce original piece!

195,00 €

NS-RKB Bakelite Flag Pole Top

NS-RKB 'Nationalsozialistische-Reichskriegerbund' Flag Pole Top (Fahnenspitze). The 25cms high Flag Pole Top is made of gold painted bakelite, the pole top is showing a nice age patina, it is in overall very good condition. Nice original example!

325,00 €

Stahlhelmbund Soldier Table Bust

'Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Frontkämpferbund Stahlhelm' (NSDFBSt) Table Bust showing a German Soldier (Soldatenbüste). The large and heavy hollow zinc table bust is mounted on a marble base and measures approximately 31cms in height. Nice and decorative original period item!

495,00 €

DAF Ortsgruppe Level Unit Flag

DAF Ortsgruppe Level Unit Flag (Deutsche Arbeitsfront Fahne der Ortsgruppe "Rheda 1"). The flag is trimmed with silver fringe around the edges. There are seven rings present to hang the flag. Very nice and decorative original piece!

850,00 €

Luftwaffe Aircraft Tachometer

Luftwaffe Aircraft Electrical Tachometer (elektr. Drehzahlmesser) as for example used in the Ju52 (Junkers) and Do24 (Dornier). Nicely maker marked by the 'Deuta-Werke' from Berlin, marked with the Luftwaffe Contract Number 'Fl.20283-3'. Nice original item!

200,00 €

Reichsbahn Galvanised Coal Scuttle

Reichsbahn Galvanised Coal Scuttle (Reichsbahn Kohleneimer). Marked with 'R.B.D. Berlin' (Reichsbahndirektion Berlin) and nicely marked with an eagle and 'DR' (Deutsche Reichsbahn). The coal scuttle is approximately 40cms high. Nice and decorative orginal item in good used condition!

125,00 €

RAD stoneware commemorative plate

RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst) commemorative stoneware plate (Wandteller). This commemorative ceramic plate is showing the 'RAD' style shovel. The plate measures approximately 26cms in diameter. Nice and decorative original piece!

145,00 €

Miniature Kriegsmarine Officer's Dagger

Miniature Kriegsmarine Officer's Dagger/Letter opener (Offiziersdolch als Brieföffner). The 19,5cms long miniature dagger has a molded, white, bakelite grip. The dagger is having a gilded metal scabberd. It's complete with it's original miniature portepee. Decorative example in very good condition!

400,00 €

Elastolin 'Adolf Hitler' Figure

Elastolin 'Adolf Hitler' Figure (Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler). He's wearing his brownshirt. The figure is nicely marked with 'Elastolin'. The toy is showing the expected age cracking and traces of usage. Rare original toy in good used condition!

95,00 €

Luftwaffe Aircraft UV Cockpit Lamp

Luftwaffe Aircraft UV Cockpit Lamp (Lampe für Innenraumbeleuchtung) as used in various planes including the Ju88, He111, Me262 and various other types (mostly larger planes). Nicely maker marked by the company of 'Siemens', marked with the Luftwaffe Contract Number 'FL.32272-2'. Nice original item!

195,00 €

German children's building blocks

German children's toys, wooden building blocks in box (Der neue Wehrmacht-Baukasten). Kids could build their own army barracks with these wooden building blocks. Decorative original period toys in good used condition!

150,00 €

SA Winners Sash/Ribbon

SA "1 Sieger Klasse 3" - "Vogelsbergfahrt der Standarte 254, 8.10.1933" Winners Sash/Ribbon. The Vogelsbergfahrt was held on 8 October 1933 by the SA-Standarte 254. Decorative original piece!

695,00 €

Luftwaffe Troops Braun ER3 Radio

Luftwaffe Troops Braun ER3 Radio (Empfänger ER3). The Radio is in complete condition, it is dated 1943. The wooden box is complete with carrying handle and still retains most of it's original Luftwaffe blue-grey paint. The radio comes with a paper Luftwaffe radio instruction sheet. Great piece!

495,00 €

Luftwaffe FLAK Ceramic Tile 1943

Luftwaffe 'Zur fünften Kriegsweihnacht - Lei.-Flak-Abt. 761' ceramic tile (Fliese). Made by the famous 'Meissen' company. Hard to find and very decorative original piece!

145,00 €

NSKK Vehicle Radiator Plaque

NSKK (National Socialistisches Kraftfahr Korps) Vehicle Radiator Plaque or car grill badge. The eagle is nicely marked with 'Ges.Gesch.' on the back. Nice and scarce original example in good used condition!

195,00 €

Hitler-Jugend Wooden Shield

Hitler-Jugend Wooden Shield. Made for charity by the Hitler Youth collecting for the Winter help work. The wooden shield is showing the HJ logo. Nice and decorative original item!

200,00 €

'Reichszeugmeisterei der NSDAP' Enamel Sign

'Zur herstellung von Dienstkleidung für alle Verbände der Nationalsozialistischen Deutschen Arbeiterpartei berechtigt.' Enamel Sign (38 x 38 cms.). In used condition, but still very nice and decorative. Scarce original enamel sign!

495,00 €

'Deutsche Arbeitsfront' Wall Plaque

DAF 'Deutsche Arbeitsfront' Wall Plaque. The plaque shows a cog wheel with a swastika in the center, the symbol of the German Labor Front, sized approximately 20 cms in diameter. Nice original item!

125,00 €

'Narvik 1940' Souvenir Ring

This is a nice 'Narvik 1940' remembrance/souvenir ring showing the soldier's initials 'F.w.'. The ring has been manufactured by the juweler 'Brødrene Lohne' from Bergen (Norway). Nice original ring in good used condition!

125,00 €

DDAC Vehicle Pennant

'Der Deutsche Automobilclub e.V.' (DDAC) Vehicle Pennant (Wimpel). The double-sided pennant is sized approximately 25 x 17 cms. The pennant is in very good, only slightly used condition, see photos. Decorative original item!

175,00 €

Clothing Hanger 'Adolf Hitlerstrasse'

Very rare Clothing Hanger from the company 'Herrenbekleidungshaus R. Schnell' in Plauen, located at the 'Adolf Hitlerstrasse'. Rare original item!

125,00 €

NSDAP 'Bildbericht der Woche 33/41'

NSDAP 'Bildbericht der Woche 33/41'. This film-strip covers the week 33 of 1941. The film-strip and carton container are both in good condition. Only a few of these film-strips have survived, rare original item in good condition!

150,00 €

WH Wooden Target Board

Wehrmacht wooden target board. This wooden target board is dated 1941, the deer was shot by 'Uffz. Klein'. The heavy wooden target board has a diameter of 60cms. Rare and decorative original piece!

125,00 €

Silvered Plate 'Luftverteidigungs-Zone West'

Nice original Silvered Plate 'Luftverteidigungs-Zone West' 1938/39 with signature of 'Kitzinger'. The plate is having a diameter of approximately 29cms. Nice and unique original item!

175,00 €

WH 'Ehrenpreisschießen' target board

Wehrmacht 'Ehrenpreisschießen' wooden target board. This wooden target board was used by the honor price shooting of the NCO's (Uffz.Korps) of the '4.Ausb.-Kp,Pz.Jg.Ers.u.A.Abt.4'. Decorative original piece!

225,00 €

Rare original NSRKB Flag

'Nationalsozialistischer Reichskriegerbund' (NSRKB) Flag. The flag is sized 135x122 cms. and is having some small moth damages, but in overall good used condition. Decorative original flag!

275,00 €

Political wall/desk eagle

Political wall/desk eagle. The eagle is having a back stand for use as a table ornament and a wire for hanging on a wall. The eagle is 24cms wide. Nice and decorative original example in very good condition!

200,00 €
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