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British Grenadier Guards Tanker Helmet


Extremely rare original named British 'Grenadier Guards' Royal Amoured Corps Tanker Helmet. From March 1943 on these tanker helmets were supplied to RAC and Reconnaissance Corps armoured vehicle and AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) crews. Very nice helmet in good worn condition. The helmet retains most of its paint, there are some normal traces of usage and age. On the wearer's left side is a triangular white regimental flash of the 'Grenadier Guards', on front is a nice dark red unit flash with white numbers '51'. The helmet is complete with liner and khaki chinstrap. The liner is in good used condition and is nicely maker marked with 'CCL' indicating production by the company 'Christy & Co Ltd.', it is marked size'11' and 1943 dated.

The Grenadier Guards took part in several battles/operations during WW2, from the evacuation from Dunkirk to the battle for Normandy, the Falaise Pocket, through Belgium and then preparing for Operation Market Garden. The Guards Armoured Division formed the spearhead of the attacks into Holland, with the Grenadier Guards managing to seize the Nijmegen Bridge with the help of the US 82nd Airborne.

The helmet is named in to a 'Prescott'. In the memoires of Market Garden veteran 'Jack Pritchard' of the 1st Bn Grenadier Guards a Prescott is mentioned: ".....Strong points had been established by the Germans along the streets leading to the bridge and the center of the town had been set on fire to prevent infiltration by the enemy. A unit of the 10th SS Panzer Division, under command of SS general Euling together with a company of Engineers, had been allowed to take up defensive positions on the southern end of the bridge, while hauptsturmfuhrers Reinhards Battalion of SS troops were well dug in on the northern end. The attack was spearheaded by Lieutenant Prescott's tank, which immediately drew heavy enemy fire, as it positioned itself in the center of the street. (..) I took the Section into the only cover that was available, which was behind the tank. All went well for about 30 yards, when the Sherman came to a halt, still firing all of its weapons. We dived for cover into the terraced houses on the left side of the street........"
Read his full memoires on marketgardenveterans.nl

A very rare original armoured corps helmet with flashes. The helmet isn't cheap but this is an helmet which is not that easy to encounter nowadays!

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