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DRK 1st Class Neck Cross


DRK 1st Class Neck Cross (Halskreuz des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes), 1934-1937. The 1934-1937 DRK awards recognized loyal service in the DRK. The 53mm wide enamelled neck cross is having a DRK eagle attached to its center. The cross has a fire gilted finish and white and black enamel. The cross has no enamel damage whatsoever and is in overall fine condition, the details on the piece are really pronounced and stunning. The cross comes naturally on it's original 42cms long piece of neck ribbon, the small closure ties are missing. This neck cross was recently found in a private household in Germany, together with the other DRK awards I've listed. This is regrettably the early type without swastika, but still a rare and desirable original cross. These neck-crosses are hardly ever offered for sale. Scarce original example in top condition!

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