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Dutch 'Buitenmodel' Tunic - 'Vliegtuigmonteur'


This is a nice original so-called 'Buitenmodel' tunic as intended for a Sergeant 'vliegtuigmonteur' (aircraft mechanic sergeant), complete with an officer's pair of trousers which came with the tunic. The 'buitenmodel' tunic is a privately purchased tunic in field green-grey woolen cloth. The tunic has the so-called 'Bananenschillen' on the sleeves which indicates the rank of 'Sergeant'. The tunic has the Blue branch-colour piping and high quality hand-embroidered Propeller insignia on the collar. There is also a hand-embroidered 'Propeller' insignia on the left-sleeve. The Tunic has some little discoloration. Very nice rare original Dutch tunic!

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