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Miniature Mothers Crosses in Bronze


Nice set of 3 Miniature Mothers Crosses in Bronze (Miniatur Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter). The Mother’s Cross was introduced by Adolf Hitler on 16 December 1938 as part of a large propaganda campaign aimed at increasing the birth rate. With the Bronze cross for bearing four or five children, the Silver cross for bearing six or seven children and the Gold cross for bearing eight or more. This is a nice set of 3 miniatures of the bronze grade cross. There are two small sized miniatures of which one is 'L/21' marked. The third example is a nice miniature which has been period mounted on a so-called clasp/bar. Bars like these were forbidden in 1940 and so very rarely encountered. The miniatures are in used condition, see photos. Nice set of miniatures as recently found together in a private household in Germany!

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