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NSDAP 'Nürnberg' Pewter Plate


NSDAP 'Nürnberg, die Stadt der Reichsparteitage' Pewter Plate (Zinnteller). Souvenir plate with 'Adolf Hitler' greeting a SA-Parade in the ancient city of Nuremberg as its central design and around it the words 'Nürnberg, die Stadt der Reichsparteitage'. The 'Reichsparteitag' was the annual rally of the Nazi Party in Germany, held from 1923 to 1938. The Nuremberg Rallies were held at the Nazi party rally grounds in Nuremberg from 1933 to 1938. The plate is marked on the back by the company of 'Ostermayer' in Nürnberg, it is also marked with 'Ges. Gesch. u.v.d. Parteileitung genehmigt' (approved by the party leadership). The original hanging hook at the back is intact but heavily corroded, see photo. Scarce original plate in good condition!

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