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RLB Crowd Control Leader's Armband


'Reichsluftschutzbund' (RLB) Crowd Control Leader's Armband (RLB Armbinde für Ordnungsdienst Führer). The RLB (Reichsluftschutzbund) was an official national organization tasked with all aspects of civil air raid defence. Uniformed RLB personnel were issued an identifying armband to be worn on the upper left sleeve when performing RLB duties. This is a blue coloured linnen/rayon-based armband showing a luminous painted 'O' as intended for a Crowd Control Leader. Both the top and bottom edges of the armband are showing white borders signifying Officers ranks. This armband was taken as a souvernir by a Dutch resistance fighter in Utrecht in May 1945 and originates from a private household. Hard to find RLB Armband in good used condition!

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