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SA Rottenführer's Service Tunic


SA (Sturmabteilung) Rottenführer's Service Tunic (Dienstrock). The SA (Sturmabteilung) was originally formed in August 1921 as a protective guard unit for the political leaders of the NSDAP. SA brown wool construction tunic with a four button front closure, the tunic has four pockets. The buttons are the silvered pebbled type, marked with RZM M5/206, and appear to have their original stitching. There are four wreath loops stitched to the wearer's left breast-pocket for wear of awards. A standard red wool party armband with ribbed white circular field and black tape swastika is stitched to upper left sleeve. The light blue collar tabs, piped in white, are marked '14/16L' indicating a 'Rottenführer' within the 14th Sturm of SA-Standarte 16 "List", part of the SA Gruppe 'Hochland'. The Standarte "List" was named in honour of the infantry regiment in which Adolf Hitler had served in World War I. The tunic is having a pair of sew-in type shoulder-boards with the dark-blue branch colour indicating a medical function, original paper RZM labels are still attached to both shoulder-boards. According to limited information I was able to find the boards should originally have a grey underlay, the tunic however was found as such with darkblue boards and it is up to the buyer to do further investigation or change the boards for grey ones. The tunic is fully lined in tan/brown rayon and is ink-stamped '52' indicating the size. There is a nice RZM etiket stitched in the inner-pocket, nicely marked with 'SA.-Dienstrock W'. The tunic comes together with a matching pair of SA Breeches. The trousers are ink-stamped '50' indicating the size, there is a nice RZM etiket marked with 'SA.-Stiefelhose W'. The tunic and trousers are in very good only slightly worn condition. Very rare and hard to find original SA tunic!

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