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Transitional EM/NCO's Belt and Buckle


Transitional Wehrmacht (Heer) Belt and Buckle (Koppel und Koppelschloß). On 24 January 1936 this new pattern EM/NCO’s belt buckle was officially introduced to replace the previously worn Weimar era Reichsheer buckle. The basic design of the Reichsheer buckle was retained with the addition of the new Wehrmacht style national eagle. This pattern buckle was worn through-out the Third Reich period with minor manufacturing variations and different colored finishes. The colored finish was determined by regulations depending on what form of uniform it was to be worn with. The eagle had to face to the viewers right. This buckle is showing a left facing eagle. This transitional model was only produced for a very short period of time between January 1936 and March 1936 when the design was corrected. Nice 2-piece aluminum construction box buckle with a pebbled background, the separate frontplate is separately attached by four tabs. The buckle is not visible maker marked. The buckle comes together with it's original laquered 95cms long leather belt. Both the buckle and the belt are in good used and worn condition as found together. Scarce original early matching set in good condition!

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