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Personal Kit Items

Wehrmacht 'Daimon' Flashlight

Wehrmacht 'Daimon' Flashlight (Taschenlampe). The flashlight is having three color-filters in red, blue and green. Nice complete example in good used condition!

60,00 €

Luftwaffe 'Fliegerkarte'

Luftwaffe 'Fliegerkarte' (Navigation map). The large sized fold-out navigation map is having a 1:500.000 scale and is dated 1943, it covers area '22' - Belgrad, Timisoara, Sarajevo and Sofia. Nice original Fliegerkarte in good used condition!

125,00 €

Hitler-Jugend 'Daimon Focus' Flashlight

Hitler-Jugend 'Daimon Focus' Flashlight (Stablampe). Type '8638' which was specially intended for use with the Hitler-Jugend. Complete with leather strap and carabiner hook. Nice example in good used condition!

75,00 €

WH 'Dame-Mühle' game

Wehrmacht ww2 period 'Dame-Mühle' game (Brettspiel). The set is complete with cardboard game board cardboard pieces to play either checkers or mills. This set was certainly a welcome present during the daily 'front-life'. Nice original personal kit item!

35,00 €

Wehrmacht Motorcycle Goggles

Wehrmacht Motorcycle Goggles (Kradmelderbrille). Early type motorcycle goggles, complete with black elastic band. The goggles are in used and uncleaned condition as found, great original pair of goggles!

80,00 €

Wehrmacht 'Dienstbrille' container with contents

Wehrmacht standard spectacles (Dienstbrille) in original container, complete with its original paper-inlay with personal information, with soldier's name, unit and dated 11 May 1944. Nice original set in good used condition!

75,00 €

Wehrmacht 'Enwell' Flashlight 1942

Wehrmacht (Heer)/Waffen-SS 'Enwell' Flashlight (Taschenlampe). The field-grey coloured Enwell flashlights is having two color-filters and a black-out cap. It is nicely marked with the 'Nachschub' logo and dated 1942. Hard to find example in good used condition!

85,00 €

WH Metal 'Nadeln' storage-box

Small metal Wehrmacht medical 'Nadeln' storage-box. The box is sized approximately 6 x 4 x 2 cms. The box is in good used condition. Nice and decorative original box!

35,00 €

Wehrmacht Bakelite 'Zeiler' Flashlight

Wehrmacht Bakelite 'Zeiler' Flashlight (Taschenlampe). The brown coloured bakelite flashlight is in complete and undamaged condition. The flashlight is having a red and green color-filter. Hard to find original flashlight in very good condition!

175,00 €

Wehrmacht Bakelite 'Berker' Flashlight

Wehrmacht Bakelite 'Berker' Flashlight (Taschenlampe). The brown coloured bakelite flashlight is depicting the 'Morse-Alfabet' on front. The colour-filter is regrettably missing. Otherwise in complete, functional and undamaged condition. Rare original Wehrmacht Flashlight!

195,00 €

German 'WIF Signal 1136' Flashlight

German 'WIF Signal 1136' Flashlight (Taschenlampe). Wehrmacht/Luftwaffe flashlight, made in Austria in 1938. The flashlight is having a red and green color-filter and a black-out cap. Nice original example in very good condition!

95,00 €

German 'Rotbart' shaving razor in box

German 'Rotbart' shaving razor in its original carton box (Rasierapparat). Included in the set are an unissued shaving razor, unissued razor blad and original Rotbart instruction manual, prices are in 'Reichspfennig'. Nice original set in mint and unissued condition!

45,00 €

Wehrmacht 'Scho-ka-kola' ration-tin

This is a scarce original Wehrmacht chocolate ration-tin 'Scho-ka-kola'. The tin shows the 'Heeres' style eagle on top, this is a harder to find variant. Nice and desirable original tin in good condition!

125,00 €

KM Emergency Food Ration Container

Rare original Kriegsmarine Emergency Food Ration Container (Behälter für Notverpflegung). Nicely marked with 'Kriegsmarine, 300 gr Notverpflegung'. Scarce original box in good used condition!

145,00 €

NSKK ID-disc 'NSKK 1 Brig L'

This is a nice zinc-based NSKK ID-disc (Erkennungsmarke) as intended for a Dutch volunteer and driver in the NSKK 'Brigade Luftwaffe', bearing the stamped unit designation: 'NSKK 1 Brig L'. Nice original ID-disc in good used condition!

45,00 €

WH (Heer) ID-disc '3./P.53'

This is a nice zinc-based WH (Heer) ID-disc (Erkennungsmarke) for a member within the '3./P.53' (Panzerjäger-Abteilung 53). The disc is complete with it's original cord attached as found like this. A nice Crucifix has been sewn to the cord. Interesting original ID-disc!

75,00 €

WH M31 Drinking Cup

This is a nice original Wehrmacht M31 Drinking Cup (Trinkbecher 31). The cup is not visible maker marked or dated. Nice original example in good used condition!

25,00 €

Dutch made Wehrmacht Flashlight

Nice funcitional example of the famous Dutch so-called 'Knijpkat' Flashlight. This example has been produced in order for the German Wehrmacht, nicely marked with 'Wehrmachteigentum'. Nice original example in good used condition!

150,00 €

Rare 'Käsezubereitung' ration-package

This is a scarce original German Adler 'Käsezubereitung' ration-package (cheese). 500 grams package. The package is not visible dated but it looks period. Very nice and desirable original item!

50,00 €

WH (Heer) ID-disc '4 Fahrkolonne 213'

This is an aluminum WH (Heer) ID-disc (Erkennungsmarke) for a member within the '4.Fahrkol.213' (4./Fahrkolonne 213). Nice original ID-disc in good condition!

40,00 €
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