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'Alles für die Wehrmacht' Matchbox Holder


'Alles für die Wehrmacht' Matchbox Holder, handed out to customers as a promotional gift by tailor 'Fr. Benson' who was located at the 'Französischer Straße 11' in Berlin from 1935 to 1941. The aluminum art-deco style matchbox holder is showing a stylized portrait of a Luftwaffe soldier above the script 'Alles für die Wehrmacht' (Everything for the Army); 'Uniformen nach Mass' (custom made uniforms), 'Mützen-Koppel, Seitengewehre' (Caps, Belts, Bayonets). The matchbox holder is showing some minor damage and corrosion but is in overall very good and decorative condition. These matchbox holders are heavily faked, this is one of the few original examples I've seen over the years, rare oppurtonity to buy an original matchbox holder!

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