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WH (Heer) ID-Disc 'Stab/A.R.194'


This is an aluminum WH (Heer) ID-disc (Erkennungsmarke) as intended for a member within the 'Stab/A.R.194' - 'Artillerie-Regiment 194'. The Artillery Regiment 194 took part in the campaign against Russia and was destroyed in the winter of 1942/1943 in Stalingrad. The Regiment was re-established on 1 March 1943 near Lorient in western France. In the summer of 1943 the regiment was then sent to Italy where it kept active on the front for the duration of the war. The disc also bears the soldier's blood-group (type: 'A') which has been clearly imprinted on the reverse of the disc. The disc is complete with its original carrying cord. Interesting original ID-disc in good used condition!

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