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Large Sized Framed SS 'Totenkopf' Photograph


Framed large sized SS 'Totenkopf' Photograph. The photograph is showing an SS-Rottenführer and Unterführer Anwärter (NCO Candidate) wearing an early style woolen SS tunic with dark-green collar, sewn to his left sleeve is a cufftitle with skull indicating that he was previously of being a member within the '3. SS-Panzer-Division Totenkopf' was a member within the 'SS-Totenkopfstandarte 1 Oberbayern'. A rare pattern sleeve eagle is sewn to his upper left sleeve, above a 'Rottenführer' rank chevron. He's wearing various medals/awards on his tunic including an Infantry Assault Badge in Silver, Wound Badge in Black and a ribbon for the Ostmedal is sewn through one of the button holes from his tunic. The photograph is sized approximately 29 x 39 cms and period mounted in a 54 x 64 cms sized wooden frame. There is some minor damage which look like small holes caused by woodworms, see photos. Rare original larges sized Waffen-SS Totenkopf Division photograph!

Shipping: due to this photograph being framed behind glass and therefore being fragile, shipping only as a parcel on buyers own risk! Pick up at a show preferred. 

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