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Rare 'SS-Sanitätsabteilung VT' Portrait Photograph


This is a rare 'SS-Sanitätsabteilung VT' (Verfügungstruppe) portrait photograph. Nice portrait showing an SS-VT 'Schütze' wearing his SS-VT tunic and SS-VT overseas cap. An 'ᛋᛋ S' collar tab is clearly visible indicating that he was a member assigned to the SS-Sanitätsabteilung VT (Medical Detachment). Indicated by the 'S'. The photograph measures approximately 8,5 x 11,5 cms in size. The photo has clearly been through hard times and shows damage and staining at both the front and back, however this is still a unique and nice photograph. Rare original 'SS-VT' portrait photo!

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