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Set of 3 Luftwaffe Photgraphs JG5 'Eismeer' 1943


This is a nice set of 3 Luftwaffe photographs depicting the same Luftwaffe pilot. Nice quality photographs with a Luftwaffe pilot wearing his four-pocket tunic (Waffenrock). His collar tabs indicate the rank of Oberleutnant. The first photo measures approximately 9,5 x 13,5 cms in size. A Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge (Flugzeugführerabzeichen), an Iron Cross 1st Class (Eisernes Kreuz 1e Klasse), a Luftwaffe Squadron Clasp for Reconnaissance Personal in Gold (Frontflugspange für Aufklärer), a Hitler-Jugend Golden Member Honor Badge (Goldenes HJ Ehrenzeichen) and a DRL Sports Badge in Silver (Deutsches Reichsabzeichen für Leibesübungen in Silber) are visible on his left-breast. The ribbon for the Iron Cross 2nd Class (Eisernes Kreuz 2e Klasse) is sewn through one of the buttonholes of his tunic. The other two photo's measure approximately 5,5 x 8,5 cms in size. These photographs show the same pilot handing over a prize and standing at a ceremony. The photos are all three dated on the back, dated between May and August 1943. One photo is described on the back and states that it is taken in Kirkenes (Norway), this probably indicates that this Oberleutnant was a member within the 'Jagdgeschader 5 "Eismeer" which was stationed in Kirkenes, from where they undertook attacks on the Arctic convoys. All photos are high quality and are in excellent condition. Nice set of Luftwaffe photographs of a highly decorated pilot!

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