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Set of 3 Waffen SS Regiment 'Deutschland' Photos


 This is a set of 3 Waffen SS photographs depicting the same young soldier. The first photo shows a soldier of the Waffen SS wearing a field blouse (Feldbluse) and overseas cap with aluminum skull. His collar tabs and rank chevron at his left sleeve indicate the rank of Sturmmann. A 'Deutschland' cufftitle is visible at his left sleeve indicating he was a member within the 3rd SS Panzergrenadier Regiment "Deutschland", which was part of the 2nd SS Panzer Division 'Das Reich'. The ribbon for the War Merit Cross 2nd Class (Kriegsverdienst Kreuz 2. Klasse) is sewn through one of the buttonholes of his field blouse. The photo is described on the back and states that it is taken in France 1944. The photograph measures approximately 8,5 x 13 cms in size and is in good condition. The second photo is a group photo that shows the same Sturmmann with two other members of the Waffen-SS, another Sturmmann and an SS-Mann. This photograph measures approximately 12,5 x 9 cms in size and is in good condition with small tears around the edges, see scans. The third photo shows the Sturmmann with a Wehrmacht soldier. The Sturmmann is wearing his SS M43 cap. This photograph measures approximately 9 x 14 cms in size and is in good condition. Nice set of Waffen SS Regiment 'Deutschland' photographs!

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