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'Liberation of the Rhineland' Postcard


This is a nice original period colour postcard (Postkarte) showing a man kneeling above the Rhine with broken shackles, painted by Theo Matejko. The image is an artistic representation of the end of the occupation of the Rhineland in 1930 or as the text on the card says 'commemorating the liberation of the German Rhine' (Zum Gedenken an die Berfreiung des deutschen Rheines). The Occupation of the Rhineland from 1 December 1918 until 30 June 1930 was a consequence of the collapse of the Imperial German Army in 1918. This artistic postcard was published by 'Gedenkkarten-Verlag Webeko' from Mainz and measures approximately 15 x 10,5 cms. The postcard has been described and sent. There's some staining at the back, see scans. Nice artistic postcard!

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