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'Männer der Waffen-SS - Stoßtrupp' Postcard


This is a very rare original period postcard from the 'Männer der Waffen-SS' series. This postcard is made after a wood carving by Professor Wilhelm Petersen and this image is called 'Stoßtrupp'. This postcard was published by 'Kusten Verlag' from Hamburg. There are two short messages written on the back using the field post number #08591 and #09034. The ink stamp dates from 1941. The postcard has also the printed text: Der Reinerlös für diese Karte fließt dem Unterstützungsfonds für die Hinterbliebenen der Waffen-SS zu'.The postcard measures approximately 15 x 10.5 cms in size and is in good condition with a wrinkle in the lower left corner, see scans. Rare and decorative original postcard!

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