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Artwork Panzer Postcard 'Im Kampf um die Freiheit'


This is a nice original period artwork postcard (Postkarte) showing artwork that features pioneers building a bridge and a rolling panzer in the background and the close up of a panzer soldier wearing a panzer beret and his panzer tunic (with recognizable 'skulls' on his collar-tabs) with a large 'Panzerkampfabzeichen' in the foreground. The artwork has the printed caption, 'Im Kampf um die Freiheit". There's an additional printed script that includes, 'KdF.=Sammlergruppen, Abgabepreis 20 Rpf'. The postcard measures approximately 15 x 10,5 cms in size and is in unsent and very good condition. Nice and decorative postcard! 

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