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Soviet SPSh-44 Signal Pistol


Nice original Soviet SPSh-44 Signal Pistol (26-мм сигнальный пистолет СПШ-44). After tests and trials, in 1944 SPSh-2 flare gun was officially adopted as the new standard Red Army signal pistol. In May 1944 it began mass production as SPSh-44 signal pistol. Later it became the standard flare gun in all Warsaw Pact countries. The pistol is having bakelite type grips. The pistol is nicely maker marked and showing some serial numbers, it is not visible dated. Rare and hard to find original Soviet Flare Pistol! This is a functional pre-1945 produced flare gun, exempted by the Dutch law in Article 18, paragraph 1, in d, annex II of the Rwm (Regeling Wapens en Munitie). Sale only to persons above the age of 18 and please check your country's regulations before purchasing!

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