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Dutch 'Nederlandsche Unie' Armband


Dutch 'Nederlandsche Unie' Armband. The Nederlandsche Unie was a Dutch political movement during the German occupation of the Netherlands in World War II, founded by a triumvirate consisting of Louis Einthoven (police commissioner in Rotterdam), Johannes Linthorst Homan (commissioner of the province of Groningen) and Jan de Quay ( government commissioner for labor). The Nederlandsche Unie was founded in July 1940 and dissolved by the German occupier in December 1941. These armbands were worn by members of the Union. The cotton construction red, white and blue coloured armband shows the Dutch Lion wich was used as the logo for the Union. The armband is complete with elastic bands for size adjustment. The armband is showing an ink-marking of the 'Nederlandsche Unie' department from the city of 'Amersfoort', the armband is named to member 'F.Elsmann'. The armband shows some staining caused by usage. Hard to find original armband in good used and worn condition!

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