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'Osttürkischer Waffen-Verband der SS' Cufftitle


Waffen-SS BeVo-woven 'Osttürkischer Waffen-Verband der SS' cufftitle (Ärmelband). The 'Osttürkischer Waffen-Verband der SS' was formed in October 1944, they have never worn their distinctive cufftitle. The cufftitle is woven in grey/white thread on green in the so-called 'BeVo' weave, the cufftitle is in full length condition with typical unfinished ends. The cufftitle shows the woven script 'Osttürkischer Waffen-Verband der SS', the back of the cufftitle shows the salt-and-pepper design. The cufftitle is in good unissued condition showing some staining and traces of years of storage. Nice original cufftitle!

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