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Reichsbahn 'RBD Regensburg' Sleeve Eagle


'Deutsche Reichsbahn' (German National Railway) BeVo-woven 'RBD Regensburg' (Reichsbahndirektion Regensburg) Sleeve Eagle (Ärmeladler). One of the new insignia, introduced in September of 1941, was the arm-eagle that was utilized to differentiate between the four German Railway directorates, namely, the WVD 'Wehrmacht Verkehrsdirektion' (Armed-forces Traffic-directorate), the RVD 'Reichsverkehrsdirektion' (National-traffic-directorate), the HVD 'Hauptverkehrsdirektion' (Central-traffic-directorate), and the RBD 'Reichsbahndirektion' (National-railway-directorate). These four directorates were further broken down into divisions based on important railway yards or areas. This is a piece that was worn by a member of the 'RBD' Regensburg. The arm-eagle is in mint and unissued condition, just a bit wrinkled caused by years of storage. Nice original sleeve eagle!

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