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Set of 3 Luftwaffe Rank Chevrons


Set of 3 Luftwaffe Rank Chevrons (Armwinkel). The Luftwaffe introduced a series of three rank chevrons on 4 March 1938 for wear by the enlisted ranks of Gefreiter, Obergefreiter and Hauptgefreiter with one chevron indicating the rank of Gefreiter, two chevrons for the rank of Obergefreiter, and three chevrons for the rank of Hauptgefreiter. These chevrons were worn on the upper left sleeve of the Service Dress tunic, the Flight blouse and the Greatcoat. This is a set of 3 chevrons as intended for the ranks of 'Gefreiter', 'Obergefreiter' and 'Hauptgefreiter'. There is some moth damage to one of the chevrons, see photos. Nice set of chevrons in good used condition!

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