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Waffen-SS 'Dirlewanger' Volunteer's Collar Tab Set


Waffen-SS Collar Tab Set (Kragenspiegel) as intended for a member within the '1336. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS "Dirlewanger". The SS-Regiment "Dirlewanger" was originally formed in early 1944 from convicted criminals and other undesirables. In February 1945 it gained Divisional status and was designated '36. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS "Dirlewanger". 'SS-Oberführer d.R. Dr. Oskar Dirlewanger' was the commander of the Division, besides being a decorated WWI veteran, Freikorps member and Condor Legion veteran he was also a convicted child molester who had once been expelled from the SS on morals charge. Renown for his brutality, Dirlewanger played a key part in the German atrocities committed during the Warsaw uprising in August 1944. Captured by the allies on 1 June 1945 near the town of Altshausen Dirlewanger was allegedly killed while in captivity. A distinctive collar tab was to be worn by all divisional personnel. The collar tab is machine embroidered in silver/grey thread on black wool showing crossed rifles positioned above a horizontal stick grenade. The collar tab is having a nice light-brown, coloured 'Buckram' backing. The collar tab comes with its matching black rank tab. These collar-tabs originate almost certainly from the SS clothing department at the Dachau KZ when liberated in 1945. The collar-tabs are in mint and unissued condition with some minor staining caused by years of storage. Rare original set in mint and unissued condition!

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