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Waffen-SS 'Dutch' Volunteer Sleeve Shield


 Waffen-SS 'Dutch' Volunteer Sleeve Shield. German manufactured final pattern sleeve shield for Dutch volunteers serving in the 'Waffen-SS'. Allready in 1940 the first Dutch volunteers were serving in the Waffen-SS. Dutch nationals were authorized the wear of an identifying sleeve shield to be worn just below the SS eagle on the upper left sleeve of the uniform. Waffen-SS RzM style arm-shield worn by soldiers of the '23.SS-Freiwilligen-Grenadier-Division "Nederland" (Niederländische Nr.1)'. The black woolen shield shaped base features three machine embroidered stripes in the Dutch national colours orange, white and blue. This shield originates almost certainly from the SS clothing department at the Dachau KZ when liberated in 1945. The shield is in mint and unissued condition and just bears some minor staining caused by years of storage. Nice original sleeve shield!

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