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German Fire Protection Police 'Braunschweig' Service Tunic


German Fire Protection Police 'Braunschweig' Service Tunic (Dienstrock) as intended for a 'Hauptwachtmeister der Feuerschutzpolizei' (Fire Protection Police). The police were divided into eight assorted branches of service and during the restructuring the different police agencies were assigned specific identifying 'Truppenfarbe' (Branch Colors), with the carmine branch colour being allocated to the 'Feuerschutzpolizei' (Fire Protection Police). The German Police had no enlisted ranks with the lowest rank being an 'Unterwachtmeister' which was equivalent to the German army rank of Unteroffizier. This is a nice police service tunic as intended for a 'Hauptwachtmeister der Feuerschutzpolizei'. Nice heavy quality police blue-green wool/rayon blend construction service tunic. The straight cut sleeves have simulated French cuffs in chocolate brown wool with dual ornamental buttons to the outside sleeve seams and carmine wool branch-colour piping to the top edges. The upper left sleeve has a nice quality, machine embroidered fire protection police sleeve eagle with name of the city of 'Braunschweig' original machine-sewn. There is a lay flat collar with a metal hook and loop neck closure, a pair of carmine coloured collar-tabs are nicely machine-sewn to the collar. The tunic has sew-in type shoulder boards in bright, silver/aluminum braid on a carmine wool base. The tunic is nicely 'Feuerschutzpolizei Braunschweig' marked and dated 1943. The tunic is in overall very good condition with minimal traces of wear and storage, see photos. This tunic will make a great display, stunning original Police tunic! 

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