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Luftwaffe 'Geschwader Boelcke' Cufftitle


 Luftwaffe 'Geschwader Boelcke' EM/NCO's Cufftitle (Ärmelband).

The Geschwader Boelcke cufftitle was introduced on 18 April 1935 for wear by all personnel of 'Kampfgeschwader 154', stationed at 'Fliegerhorst Faßberg'. The KG154 was renamed into 'Kampfgeschwader 157 "Boelcke" on 1. April 1937, and again renamed into 'Kampfgeschwader 27 "Boelcke" on 1 May 1939.

KG 27 first saw action in the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. From September 1939 to  April 1940 the bomber wing flew armed reconnaissance missions over France. In May 1940 it fought in the Battle of Belgium and Battle of France through to the end of the campaigns in June 1940.

In July 1940, KG 27 fought in the Battle of Britain until June 1941. In June 1941 the unit participated in Operation Barbarossa and spent the next years on the Eastern front until 1944, until it was withdrawn to assist the evacuation of the German-occupied region. It returned to the Eastern Front until November 1944. At this time, all three combat groups remained operational but were converted to fighter units for Defence of the Reich duties

Blue wool construction cufftitle showing the neatly hand-embroidered script 'Geschwader Boelcke' in off-white cotton threads. The cufftitle has the typical opened back construction with the top and bottom edges folded over the reverse. The cufftitle is in good used and clearly tunic removed condition. The cufftitle is approximately 44cms long. Nice original cufftitle!

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