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Luftwaffe HBT Drill Tunic


Luftwaffe Flight Blouse style Drill Tunic (Arbeitsbluse für Mannschaften). The first HBT garments introduced for use by Luftwaffe personnel were the raw grey type followed by blue/grey drill and black work uniforms that were all designed to conserve wear and tear on the wool uniforms. Although the drill and work uniforms were designed for different functions both garments were almost identical in cut and construction. The drill uniforms were utilized for the duration of the war with minor modifications. The 'Drillich' (HBT) tunic was to be utilized as a drill uniform and save wear and tear on the service uniform and field blouse. The tunic is nicely size and maker marked, there is also a nice 'L.B.A.' (Luftwaffe Beschaffungs Amt) marking. The tunic is in good used condition showing only some minor damage, see photos. Nice looking Luftwaffe drill tunic in good used condition!

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