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WH (Heer) EM's M40 Field Blouse


Wehrmacht (Heer) EM's M40 Field Blouse (Feldbluse M40). The development of the M40 field blouse can be traced back to April 1933 with the introduction of the first pattern field blouses. Modifications of the M33 field blouse had evolved into the M36 Field Blouse and in 1940 into the M40 Field Blouse which was followed by the M41 Field Blouse with minor variations. This is an EM's issue M40 tunic. The high quality wool/rayon blend construction field blouse has 5 front closure buttons and the recognizable four, pleated, front pockets. The field blouse is having a most likely by hand re-applied M36 style BeVo-woven breast-eagle. The collar is having a pair of reapplied collar-tabs. The collar-tabs are having the basic generic grey branch colour, the different branches of service within the German army were allocated a particular identifying 'Waffenfarbe' (branch of service) color which was generally displayed on the collar tabs. An exception to this rule were the general service collar tabs (Einheitskragenspiegel) for EM/NCO personnel that did not utilize the branch of service color enabling them to be worn by personnel serving in all branches of service. Shoulder-board loops and buttons are present. The tunic is complete with a nice pair of EM's white piped Infantry Shoulder Straps. The interior of the field blouse is partially lined in ribbed grey/tan coloured cotton. The field blouse is nicely size marked (chest size 96cms) and maker marked by the German 'Reitz' company, the tunic is dated 1941 (H41). The tunic is showing some traces of usage and some small moth damages, see photos. Nice original M40 field blouse in good used condition!

This uniform originates from the collection of the recently closed Eyewitness Museum!

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