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Rupert Airborne Paradummy Film Prop


This is an original "Rupert" Airborne Paradummy from the famous 1962 war film 'The Longest Day' by Darryl F. Zanuck. A paradummy is a military deception device first used in World War II, intended to imitate a drop of paratroop attackers. This can cause the enemy to shift forces or fires unnecessarily, or lure enemy troops into staged ambushes. Paradummies (nicknamed Rupert by British troops and Oscar by American) were dropped during the Allied invasion of Normandy to deceive the German defenders into believing a much larger force was landing, and to draw their troops away from the real landing sites. The official name was "Device Camouflage No. 15". They were made of burlap and filled with straw or green waste. The paradummies in the film were actually much more lifelike than those dropped during World War II. This dummy is made of rubber and is in unrestored condition showing various damages and one arm has been torn off, see many close up photos for details. I've seen these dolls being professionally restored but that's up to the buyer. The Rupert is complete with its original parachute. These film prop dolls are extremely rare and only a handful of these iconic figures still exist today. This would be a great piece for both the WW2 collector as well as for collectors of movie-props!

This dummy originates from the collection of the recently closed Eyewitness museum.

Shipmentthe dummy is available for pick up only. No shipment possible! After consultation it can be delivered on most major militaria shows.

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