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US Army Wool Shirt '8th Infantry Division'


 US Army Wool Shirt in special size '17-33', this is the type with gas flap. The shirt is complete with its original label and dated 26 June 1942. A patch for the '8th Infantry Division' is nicely sewn to the shirt. The 8th Infantry Division was known as both the "Golden Arrow" and "Pathfinder" division during World War II. During World War II, in early July 1944, the "Golden Arrow" division landed on Utah Beach in Normandy. Shortly after its arrival, the division captured the French cities of Rennes and Brest. Following these actions, the 8th turned eastward toward the German border, taking part in the heavy fighting in the Hürtgen Forest in November 1944. In early March 1945, the 8th had advanced into the Rhineland. It fought its way into the Ruhr region the following month. By war's end, the "Arrow" division had advanced to the Elbe River in central Germany. Nice original shirt in very good condition!

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