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WW2 US 2nd Infantry Division Ike Jacket & Shirt


World War 2 US Army Issue 2nd Infantry Division Ike Jacket (Jackets, Field Wool O.D.) and Shirt. The jacket is complete with manufacturer's label by the company 'Max Udell Sons & Co.', the jacket is dated 27 July 1944 and size '36R' marked. The jacket is complete with all insignia, lanyard and ribbon bar. A nice 2nd Infantry Division (Indian Head) Patch is sewn to the jacket. This division landed in Normandy on 7 June 1944, thought their way through Europe and ended the war in Pilsen in Czechoslovakia on VE-Day. The patch is shield-shaped and shows a male Native American bust at the center of a white star. Staff Sergeant ranks insignia are sewn to the sleeves and a ruptured duck insignia to the right chest. There are also unit insignia pinned to the jacket for the 23rd Infantry Regiment which most likely indicate that this soldier saw service in the Korean War as well. The collar disc might have been replaced in the 50's. The ribbon bar is showing various ribbons including those for the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. Above the ribbons a Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) is attached, the badge is 'Sterling' marked on the back. The jacket comes with a Croix de Guerre lanyard which was awarded to service men who served in France during WWII. The jacket is showing normal traces of usage. The shirt is also having a 2nd Infantry Division patch attached. One button is missing from the shirt. The shirt and jacket are showing matching laundry marks. Nice original US Ike Jacket and Shirt!

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