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Luftwaffe Wooden Aircraft-Ammunition Box


gui_language_eng Luftwaffe Wooden Aircraft-Ammunition Box (Luftwaffen-Munition). The box is complete with all paper labels indicating that it contained '13mm Brsprgr Patr.L'spur El.o.Zerl.' (fire explosive ammunition with tracer, not self-destroying). This ammunition would have been used in combination with the MG131 Machine Gun which was used in the BF109, FW190, Ju88, He177 and more aircraft types. The box is complete with it's original zinc interiour box. The labels are indicating production in 1944. One label is showing the text: 'Nur für gesteuerte Bordwaffen'. The wooden box is approximately sized 55 x 28 x 23 cms. This is one of the best Luftwaffe ammunition boxes I've ever had on offer. Rare original Aircraft Ammunition box in stunning condition!

Shipping: due to the havy weight the shipping price will be higher. I will ship this box to Holland, Belgium and Germany. All other countries only after consultation, contact me for the shipping rate to your location. Pick up at the military show in Ciney on the 25th of October is possible as well. 

gui_language_dutch Luftwaffe houten kist voor boord-munitie (Luftwaffen-Munition). De kist is compleet met alle papieren labels welke aangeven dat de kist '13mm Brsprgr Patr.L'spur El.o.Zerl.' (Brenn Spreng Granate met lichtspoor, niet zelf-vernietigende) munitie bevatte. Deze munitie werd gebruikt in combinatie met het MG131 machine-geweer welke onder andere gebruikt werd in de BF109, FW190, Ju88, He177 etc. De kist is compleet met de originele zinken binnen bak. De labels duiden er op dat de kist uit 1944 komt. Op één label staat de tekst: 'Nur für gesteuerte Bordwaffen'. De kist is ongeveer 55 x 28 x 23 cm groot. Dit is één van de best bewaarde Luftwaffe munitie-kisten die ik ooit tegen ben gekomen. Zeldzame originele vliegtuig-munitie kist in prachtige staat!

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