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RA35 Optical Sight for the 8cm 'Granatwerfer 34'


R.A.35 Optical Sight for the 8cm 'Granatwerfer 34' (Richtaufsatz 35 zum Granatwerfer 34 im Transportkasten). The German R.A.35 Optical Sight was intended for use with the 8cm medium mortar, called 'Granatwerfer 34'. The sight is in complete condition, the sight retains most of its original fieldgrey coloured paint. The sight is nicely maker marked with 'clm' indicating production by the company of 'Emil Busch AG' from Rathenow, the sight is marked with the unique serial-number '34834'. The sight is complete with an original transport box as found together. The box is showing a period green coloured paint, the box is nicely 'WaA' marked. Rare and hard to find original RA35 Optical Sight in Box in good used condition!

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