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'Ukw. E.e' Radio Receiver "Emil"


'Ukw. E.e' Radio Receiver "Emil" (Ultrakurzwellen Empfänger e). The Ukw. E. e is a radio receiver used mostly in tanks and in other armoured vehicles. It operates in the frequency range of 27.2-33.3 MHz, or roughly the 10 meter band. Mounting hardware is built into tanks. On top of the case are a pair of brass stripes for grounding purposes. The front plate has been carefully restored once. The outer case still retains approximately 95% of its original fieldgrey paint and stenciled on marking 'Ukw.E.e'. The radio is complete with metal type-plate, marked with 'Ukw.E.e', Serial-Nr '1521' and dated 1940. The receiver looks to be complete with all componets, functionality, however, has not been tested. The radio receiver is approximately sized 30,5 x 20 x 17,5 cms. Great item for display in a 'Panzer' set-up. Nice original radio receiver!

Shipping: Due to the heavy weight of approximately 15kg we will ship this radio receiver only to countries inside the Euro-zone with PostNL (no DHL or FedEx). All other countries after consultation only.

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