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Wehrmacht Jerrycan - 1942


Wehrmacht 20 liter Jerrycan (Kraftstoff Kanister). The classic 'Jerry' can design was originally adopted by the German Armed forces around 1937 and was so successful that the allies valued captured cans and based their own on the same design. Each side of the can has a large impressed strength reinforcing 'X'. The jerrycan is nicely marked 'Kraftstoff 20l, feuergefährlich' (Fuel 20 liters, inflammable) and 'Wehrmacht' marked. The jerrycan is maker marked and dated 1942. The jerrycan still retains a fair amount of its original dark grey paint. The jerrycan is in uncleaned and slightly rusted/dented condition as found, nice original Wehrmacht jerrycan in used condition! 

Shippingdue to possibel fuel remains we will ship this jerrycan only to countries inside the Euro-zone. 

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