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Engraved Imperial German Trench Knife


Imperial German World War 1 Trench Knife with Scabbard (Grabendolch). The bavarian hunting style knife (Bayerische Nicker) is having an engraved blade engraved with the name of the soldier 'Gefr.Rieling' (Gefreiter) and the date '1914-15' The knife is complete with its original leather scabberd with functional closure strap, there is some minor damage, see photos. A metal 'Edelweiß' badge is attached to the scabberd, the name under the badge is incomplete but probably once said 'Mittenwald' and would indicate that the knife belonged to a 'Gebirgsjäger' (Mountain Trooper) soldier during World War 1. Rare original engraved World War 1 Trench Knife in good condition!

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