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'Wasserschutzpolizei 'belt and buckle

Wasserschutzpolizei (Water Protection Police) EM/NCO's belt and buckle (Koppel und Koppelschloß). Scarce original set in good condition!

295,00 €

NSDAP Golden Party Badge '46878'

NSDAP Golden Party Badge (Goldenes Parteiabzeichen). Nice 24mm Fuess made example. The badge is having the number '46878' engraved on the back. This is the smaller type designed for civilian wear. Scarce original Badge!

895,00 €

NSDStB Belt Buckle - RZM M4/38

NSDStB (Studentenbund) Belt Buckle (Koppelschloß). Nicely marked with RzM M4/38 - 'Richard Sieper & Söhne'. Extremely rare and hard to find original example!

450,00 €

Forestry Official Belt and Buckle

Forestry Official Belt and Buckle (Koppel und Koppelschloß). Brown, felt lined, leather belt with burnished black finished buckle for wear with the service uniform. Scarce set in good used condition!

375,00 €

NSDAP Golden Party Badge '67118'

NSDAP Golden Party Badge (Goldenes Parteiabzeichen). Nice large 30,5mm Deschler made example. The badge is having the number '67118' engraved on the back. This was the membership number of SS-Sturmbannführer 'Walther Gravenhorst'. Scarce original Badge!

1650,00 €

'Fallschirmschützen-Abzeichen des Heeres'

Extremely rare original '800' silver Junckers made 'Fallschirmschützenabzeichen des Heeres'. Named to 'Uffz. Erich Ritterhoff' from the 'Fallschirm-Inf.Btl.'. Complete with it's original LDO marked case as it was kept in, by the family, for decades!

'Der Stahlhelmbund' Members Badge - 1925

'Der Stahlhelmbund' Members Badge - 1925. Complete with it's original box. Numbered and dated example in very good condition!

170,00 €

Waffen-SS 'Panzer-Hand-Minen' box 1944

Waffen-SS 'Panzer-Hand-Minen' wooden box, dated 1944. With damage to the handle and one hinge. Complete with interiour frame. Rare original wooden box in good used condition, very decorative!

295,00 €

Polizei DD M35 Combat Helmet - reissued

Rare original Double Decal M35 Polizei Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M35). This is a reissued WH (Heer) example with Polizei decals attached over Heeres decals. Complete with liner (size 61) and chinstrap. Nice helmet in top condition!

1850,00 €

KM 'Zerstörer-Kriegsabzeichen'

Nice Kriegsmarine 'Zerstörer-Kriegsabzeichen' (Destroyer War Badge). Nice tombak example according to the 'Schickle' design. Engraved with name and date. A nice and honest KM war-badge!

395,00 €

'Hauptmann Gebirgsjäger' Uniform Grouping

'Hauptmann Gebirgsjäger' Uniform Grouping - 'Gebirgs-Jäger-Regiment 136'. Tunic, riding breeches and visor cap. All insignia are original applied, straight from a private household in Germany!

2100,00 €

Finnish Cross of Liberty - 1941

Finnish Cross of Liberty 3rd class - 1941. Military version with swords, complete with it's original confectioned ribbon. Example in very good condition!

245,00 €

Waffen-SS M40 Combat Helmet ET62

Waffen-SS M40 Single Decal Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M40) - 'ET62'. Complete with liner and brown-colored chinstrap. Rare original helmet in stunning near mint condition!

6950,00 €

DRK EM Visor Cap

This is a original German Red Cross (DRK) EM Visor Cap. Complete with it's original enamelled DRK cap eagle and aluminum DRK wreath with cockade. Nice original Visor Cap in top condition!

495,00 €

KM 'Vorpostenflottille' cap insignia

Rare original Kriegsmarine 'Vorpostenflottille Abschnitt Kanal' cap badge (Schiffchenabzeichen). Enamelled example in very good condition!

395,00 €

'Winterfeldzug Luftgau-Moskau' porcelain plate

'Winterfeldzug Luftgau-Moskau' porcelain plate (Teller) 1941-1942. Made by the famous 'Meissen' company, complete with original factory packaging/shipping carton. Hard to find and very decorative!

450,00 €

Waffen-SS 'Artillerie' EM Visor Cap

Waffen-SS 'Artillerie' EM Visor Cap, complete with nice original Cupal insignia. Extremely rare original cap in good used condition!

Waffen-SS 'Frw Legion Niederlande' cufftitle

Waffen-SS 'Frw. Legion Niederlande' cufftitle as worn by soldiers within the 'SS-Freiwilligen-Legion-Niederlande'. Very rare original cufftitle in used and tunic removed condition!

2000,00 €

NSBO Belt Buckle

'National Sozialistische Betriebszellen-Organisation' (NSBO) belt buckle (Koppelschloß). Hard to find buckle in top condition, the nicest I've had on offer!

195,00 €

WH (Luftwaffe) DD M35 Combat Helmet

WH (Luftwaffe) Double-decal M35 Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M35). Nice example, complete with early liner and it's original brown leather chinstrap. The helmet shows great paint and decals!

1950,00 €

WH (Heer) DD M35 Combat Helmet

Wehrmacht (Heer) Double-decal M35 Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M35). Nice example, complete with liner and chinstrap. The helmet shows great paint and decals!

3000,00 €

Rare cased 'Hundewesen' table-medal

Rare cased 'Für Verdienste um das Deutsche Hundewesen' table-medal, medaillon for good dog handling. Example in good condition!

295,00 €

Model 1943 FF33 Field Telephone

Late war 1943 model Field Telephone (Feldfernsprecher 33). Note changed line connections made of bakelite and the yellow painted metalwork. Hard to find example in perfect condition!

140,00 €

SS/Police Officers Sword

This is a nice original SS/Police Officers Sword. Maker marked by 'Krebs' in Solingen. Complete with scabberd and damaged Troddel. Very nice original sword in good used condition as found!

795,00 €

WA - NSKK 'Transport-Kontrolle' Armband

This is a very rare NSKK 'Transport-Kontrolle' Armband which is stamped with 'Stafkwartier der Motor W.A.' 's-Gravenhage. Very rare and unique item!

400,00 €

Complete Light Protective Suit M1939 set

Complete Light Protective Suit M1939 ( Leichte Gasbekleidung 39). This is a complete set with the very rare and almost impossible to find original manual. Nice set in unissued mint condition!

350,00 €

M35 Combat Helmet - Prague Uprising

Unique ultra rare original Prague Uprising - re-issued Wehrmacht M35 Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M35). Very good condition!

795,00 €

SS 'Theodor Eicke' Officers Cufftitle

SS 'Theodor Eicke' Officers Cufftitle. Both ends are factory machine-sewn with one end having the 'BeVo-Wuppertal' maker's name. Rare original cufftitle in full lenght, mint and unissued condition!

2995,00 €
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