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Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross by Klein & Quenzer '65'


Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross (Ritterkreuz des Eisernes Kreuzes). On 1 September 1939 Adolf Hitler reinstituted the Iron Cross series of awards in the First, Second and Grand Cross Classes and established the new Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. The Knight's Cross was the highest award made by Nazi Germany to recognize extreme battlefield bravery or outstanding military leadership. Hitler reserved the right to personally authorize bestowal of the Knight’s Cross and all ranks were eligible for the award. In total it is estimated that roughly 7360 Knight’s Crosses were awarded during World War II. The cross has a three piece construction having a magnetic iron core and a silver frame, the frame is '800' silver marked. There is some minor paint-loss and oxidation to the Swastika visible, see photos. The loop is nicely marked with '800' and marked with the Pkz number '65' indicating production by the company of 'Klein & Quenzer A.G.' from Idar-Oberstein. The cross comes together with an original piece of Knight's Cross ribbon. It is almost impossible to find a Knight's Cross for sale nowadays. Scarce and stunning original Knight's Cross in very good condition!

Please note: this Knight's Cross is offered as a consignment and still in possession of the owner. Pick-up and/or delivery can be discussed. No payments by PayPal accepted for this item. 

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