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Set of 2 Carton Door Signs from Oosterbeek


Set of 2 Carton German Door Signs, one for the 'Adjutant' and one for the 'Hauptmann und Bataillonsführer. Anmeldung Adjutant'. These carton signs have been found in a private household at the 'Hartensteinlaan 9' in Oosterbeek, right across the street of the Hartenstein Museum which was used as General Roy Urquhart's headquarters during the Battle of Arnhem. The 'Adjutant' sign is made on thin paper and was pasted to the door with tape, it is sized approximately 11,5 x 5 cms. The 'Hauptmann und Bataillonsführer. Anmeldung Adjutant' sign is made of carton and was pinned to the door, this sign is approximately sized 15 x 7,5 cms. Interesting original items found in Oosterbeek!

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