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Standard Wehrmacht 6x30 Binoculars


Standard Late War Tan Painted Wehrmacht Binoculars 'Dienstglas' 6 x 30 (Doppelfernrohr). The German army used a wide variety of optical enhancement items with the 6 x 30 power binoculars being the standard issue optics utilized by all branches of service. These binoculars are painted in the standard late-war ordnance tan colour. The binoculars are nicely maker marked with 'cag' indicating production by the company of 'D. Swarovski' from Wattens (Austria). There is a small blue coloured triangular symbol indicating that the binoculars were 'Kaltefest' and could be used in cold climates. The binoculars also bears the inscription: 'Dienstglas 6x30' and the unique number '157724'. The binoculars are in good used condition, the optics are showing some minor dust. A nice and honest piece of equipment which will be perfect for use on a mannequin!

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