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US Veteran's Swastika Flag with Souvernirs


US Veteran's Swastika Flag with Souvernirs. Probably one of the most recognizable items associated with the Nazi regime (third Reich) is the swastika flag. Utilized by almost all the organization of the Third Reich. This is a small sized double-sided flag, sized approximately 34 x 27 cms. The red cotton construction flag has a separate, machine stitched white roundel, having a black printed Swastika, to the center of each side. Sewn on the flag are various German insignia and medals taken as a souvernir by a US GI during World War 2. Included is a nice Iron Cross 2nd Class which is maker marked with number '55' indicating production by the company of 'J.E. Hammer & Söhne' from Geringswalde. A nice hand-embroiderd Kriegsmarine Officer's Breast Eagle, a hand-embroidered Luftwaffe Officer's Breast Eagle and a Wehrmacht flat-wire woven Breast Eagle are sewn to the flag as well as a nice Police sleeve eagle from the city of 'Altenhellefeld'. A nice first pattern Luftwaffe cap eagle is pinned to the flag as well. Take a look to the photos for more details of the various medals and insignia. Decorative original souvernir flag!

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