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K98 M34 Cleaning Kit with Contents

K98 M34 Cleaning Kit, complete with contents (Reinigungsgerät 34 mit Inhalt). Nicely maker marked with 'cnx' indicating production by the company of 'G.Appel'. Complete with metal oiler, takedown-tool, chain and 2 brushes. Nice set in good used condition!

€ 90,00

Wehrmacht Combat Y-straps

Wehrmacht Combat Y-straps (Koppeltraggestell für Infanterie). The Y-straps are nicely RB.Nr. marked. The leather is still in supple condition. The straps are having a replacement leather end-piece. Nice original example very good condition!

€ 195,00

Set of 7 matching WH Equipment Straps

Set of 7 matching Wehrmacht equipment straps (Mantelriemen). Equipment straps were popular for a wide variety of uses. The straps are nicely maker marked by the company "Schübel" from Berlin and dated 1941. Hard to find original matching straps in good used condition!

€ 200,00

Cased German WW1 8x40 Naval Binoculars

Cased German WW1 8x40 Naval Binoculars (Marinefernglas D.F.8x40 in Behälter). The binoculars are complete with leather carrying strap, leather lens cover and leather storage case. The binoculars and nicely maker marked by 'Carl Zeiss' from Jena. Rare original WW1 Naval Binoculars!

€ 750,00

WH (Heer) M35 Map/Dispatch Case

WH (Heer) M35 Map/Dispatch Case (Meldekartentasche M35). The blackened brown leather map case is nicely RB.Nr. marked. Nice original map case in very good condition!

€ 175,00

German 7,65mm Pistol Holster

German 7,65mm Pistol Holster (Pistolentasche) as intended for a 7,65mm Pistol. The brown leather construction holster is not visible maker marked or dated. Nice original holster in good used condition!

€ 125,00

P38 Pistol Holster

WH (Heer)/Waffen-SS P38 Pistol Holster (Pistolentaschen P38). The holster is nicely marked on the back with 'P38' and maker marked and dated 'gxy 1940'. Nice original P38 pistol holster in actually used and worn condition!

€ 295,00

WH (Heer) Motorcyclist's Gloves

Wehrmacht Motorcyclist’s/Dispatch rider’s Gloves ('Handschuhe für Kraftradfahrer'). The gloves are not visible maker marked or dated. The gloves are in mint and unissued condition, still tied together. Stunning pair of gloves!

€ 125,00

WH M31 Canteen and Cup

This is a nice Wehrmacht M31 Canteen and Cup (Feldflasche 31 und Trinkbecher). Red painted steel canteen, complete with green painted steel cup. Both the canteen and cup are nicely maker marked and dated 'L&SL43'. Nice original canteen in good used condition!

€ 165,00

WH (Heer) Clothing Bag Model 1931

Wehrmacht (Heer) Clothing Bag Model 1931 (Bekleidungssack 31). Nice early war example made of fieldgrey coloured canvas with brown leather closure straps and reinforcement, the leather is still supple. Nice original early clothing bag in good used condition!

€ 75,00

Wehrmacht Measuring Tape

Wehrmacht Measuring Tape (Maßband). 20 meters long measuring tape, nicely 'Heereseigentum' marked and dated 1941. Nice and decorative original piece in good used condition!

€ 150,00

Wehrmacht Gasmask Carrying Straps

This is a nice set of matching Wehrmacht Gasmask Carrying Straps. Both the long and short strap are nicely maker marked and dated 'DA37' indicating production in 1937. Hard to find spare-parts when needed. The straps are in good used condition!

€ 125,00

WH (Heer) Gasmask Canister with Straps

WH (Heer) M38 Gasmask Canister (Blechbüchse M38), complete with two set of spare glasses (Klarscheiben) and both the short  and long carrying straps. The canister and straps are nicely maker marked and dated 1944. Great original late war gasmask canister!

€ 175,00

WH (Heer) Gascape in Pouch

WH (Heer) Gascape in Pouch (Gasplane in Tasche). The gascape is made of waxed paper and nicely maker marked 'gkb' and dated 10/44 indicating production in October 1944. The pouch is maker marked 'cqs' and matching dated '10 44'. Nice original set in very good condition!

€ 250,00

Wehrmacht 'Affe' Backpack M1934

Wehrmacht 'Affe' Backpack M1934 with fur flap (Tornister 34). The backpack is maker marked by the company 'Just & Co A.G.' from Geraberg and dated 1942. It is complete with a pair of 1940 dated carrying straps. Nice original backpack in good condition!

€ 125,00

Luftwaffe Sentry Brown K98 Ammo Pouch

This is an interesting K98 pouch that has been cut down to a single pouch for use by rear line troops and/or guards, or might even have been used by political organisations like the SA. Hard to find original light-brown single variant ammo pouch in very good condition!

€ 45,00

Luftwaffe Splinter Proof Goggles in Case

Luftwaffe Splinter Proof Goggles with Case (Flieger-Splitterschutzbrillen). The goggles are in good condition and complete with their original elastic bands. The bluish grey coloured metal container is in good used condition. Hard to find original pair of goggles in container!

€ 1000,00

Luftwaffe M31 Bread Bag Strap

Luftwaffe M31 Bread Bag Strap (Brotbeutelriemen). Nice early blue/grey canvas construction breadbag strap with chocolate brown leather reinforced aluminum friction clips. The strap is nicely maker marked and looks to be dated 1939, it is nicely unit marked as well. Nice strap!

€ 45,00

WH (Heer) M31 Bread Bag Strap

WH (Heer) M31 Bread Bag Strap (Brotbeutelriemen). Nice tan coloured canvas construction breadbag strap with brown leather reinforced steel friction clips. The strap is nicely marked by 'Wersa' from München and dated 1941. Nice strap!

€ 40,00

WH (Heer) M31 Bread Bag & Strap

Wehrmacht (Heer) M31 Bread Bag & Strap (Brotbeutel 31 mit Brotbeutelriemen). The bread bag is made of a reissued Czechoslovakian 1938 dated bread bag which has been reworked for Wehrmacht issue. Complete with matching bread bag strap. Great variant!

€ 145,00

MG42 Ruptured Cartridge Remover

MG42 Ruptured Cartridge Remover (Hülsenentferner 42). The tool is marked with the three letter maker's code 'hoz' indicating production by the company 'Bernhard Zade' from Berlin-Kaulsdorf. Nice original example in very good condition!

€ 75,00

MG 34/42 50 Round Drum Magazine

MG34 / MG42 50 Round Drum Magazine (Gurttrommel 34). The drum retains most of its original grey/blue paint. The drum is nicely maker marked and dated 'ddf' indicating production by the 'Lohmann-Werke AG' from Bielefeld. Nice example in good condition!

€ 175,00

German Level Tool 'DRGM'

German Level Tool (Wasserwaage) as used by Wehrmacht engineer (Pionier) personnel. The wooden and brass construction level is nicely 'D.R.G.M.' (Deutches Reich Gebrauchs Muster) marked. Nice example in good used condition!

€ 30,00

WH Panzer Model 'B' Throat Microphone

Wehrmacht Panzer Model 'B' Throat Microphone (Kehlkopfmikrofon). The set is complete with wire and plug. The microphone is nicely 'WaA' marked. Nice complete set in good used condition, hard to find piece of equipment!

€ 295,00

Wehrmacht 'Dfh.b' Panzer Headphone 1942

Wehrmacht 'Dfh.b' (Doppelfernhörer B.) Armored Vehicle or Panzer Headphone. The headphones are dated 1942. The headphones are complete with its original wire and plug. Rare original Panzer Headhpones in very good condition!

€ 475,00

WH (Heer) M31 Bread Bag

WH (Heer) M31 Bread Bag (Brotbeutel 31). The early breadbag is re-inforced with brown leather parts. The breadbag is nicely maker marked and dated. Nice original bread bag in good used condition!

€ 100,00

Luftwaffe K98 Ammo Pouch

This is a nice chocolate-brown coloured Luftwaffe K98 Ammo Pouch (Patronentaschen). The pouch is nicely maker marked by a company from Cottbus and dated 1938. The pouch is nicely unit marked with 'Fl.Horst.Kdrtr. Parow' (Fliegerhorst-Kommandantur Parow). Nice original pouch!

€ 100,00
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