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Waffen-SS M43 Cap Trapezoid


 This is a nice Waffen-SS M43 Cap Trapezoid, executed in the so-called BeVo-weave pattern. In 1944 the SS developed a single piece of cap insignia which incorporated both the skull and eagle on a one piece trapezoid base for wear on the M43 field cap. Originally these trapezoidal pieces of insignia were produced in a machine woven version until a final, embroidered version was introduced in late 1944. The first versions of the trapezoidal cap insignia featured dual rows of teeth in the skull while later versions only had a single row of teeth. This machine woven version of the trapezoid was to be worn by EM/NCO’s. The trapezoid is executed in silver-grey linnen on a fieldgrey linnen background. Nice original example in mint and unissued condition!

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