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Verwundeten Abzeichen in Silber '107'

Silver Wound Badge (Verwundeten Abzeichen in Silber). Nice original 'Zink' example, the badge is maker marked with number '107' - 'Carl Wild' in Hamburg. Nice example in good used condition!

65,00 €

'Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber'

'Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber' (Infantry Assault Badge). The badge is nicely maker marked with the logo of the company of 'E.F. Wiedmann' from Frankfurt am Main'. Nice original badge in good used condition!

95,00 €

'Deutschland Erwacht' Photo-Book

'Deutschland Erwacht' Photo-Book (Bilderalbum) with dust-cover. Published by the Cigaretten-Bilderdienst, Altona-Bahrenfeld. Nice example, complete with all pictures and the often missing large fold-out poster in the back of the book. Example in good condition!

100,00 €

'Adolf Hitler' Photo-Book

'Adolf Hitler' Photo-Book (Bilderalbum). All of the images in the book are complete, and includes glued in black and white photographs and original color reproductions of Hitler’s early watercolor paintings. The book comes with it's original carton box. Nice album in good condition!

95,00 €

WH (Heer) 'Panzer-Abwehr' Photo-album

This is a nice Wehrmacht (Heer) Photo-album (Fotoalbum) from a member within the 'Panzer-Abwehr-Abteilung 30', stationed in Lübeck. He took part in the return of the Sudetenland. Included is his Award-Document for the 1 October 1938 Medal. Nice and decorative original photo-album!

150,00 €

Die Deutsche Wehrmacht 'Bilderalbum'

This is a nice German cigarettes 'Bilderalbum': 'Die Deutsche Wehrmacht'. Example published by the 'Cigaretten Bilderdienst' in Dresden. The book is complete with all pictures. Nice example in good used condition!

65,00 €

Wehrmacht 'Wehrpaß' Cover

Nice light-green coloured carton protective cover for the 'Wehrpaß'. The carton cover was made by the company of 'Julius Kreß' in Kassel. Nice original example in good used condition!

25,00 €

MP38/40 Magazine Pouch

This is a nice original Wehrmacht MP38/40 Magazine Pouch (MP38 u. 40 Magazintasche). The tan coloured pouch is nicely maker marked and dated with 'clg43'. Hard to find original pair of MP38/40 magazine pouch in very good condition!

575,00 €

U-boat War Badge 'GWL'

Kriegsmarine 'U-boot-Kriegsabzeichen' (U-Boat War Badge). The 'Zink' type badge is nicely maker marked with 'GWL' indicating production by the 'Gebrüder Wegerhoff' from Lüdenscheid. Complete with functional pin & catch. Nice original badge in very good condition!

350,00 €

Ribbon for the NSB 'Oostlandkruis'

Ribbon for the NSB 'Oostlandkruis', also known as 'Mussert Kruis' (Mussert Cross). Perfect for completing your Mussert Cross, hard to find when needed. Nice original ribbon!

40,00 €

WW2 Iron Cross 2nd Class with Pouch

Iron Cross 2nd Class (Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse) with ribbon and pouch of issue. The pouch is maker marked by the company of 'Walther & Henlein' from Gablonz an der Neiße. The cross is not visible maker marked. Nice set in good condition!

150,00 €

KVK 2nd Class with Pouch

'Kriegsverdienst Kreuz 2. Klasse mit Schwertern' (War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords). The cross is a 'Buntmetall' example, complete with it's original piece of ribbon and pouch, the pouch is nicely maker marked by the company of 'Fritz Zimmermann' from Stuttgart. Nice set!

50,00 €

WH 'Nebelwerfer' Award-Document Grouping

WH (Heer) Award-Document Grouping from Gefreiten 'Alfred Trübestein', he was a member within the 'Stab/N-Z.,I./Nbl.Wf.Rgt.54(Nebelwerfer-Regiment 54). Group includes his Wehrpaß, Award Documents for the Ostmedal, Wound Badge in Black and his Brother's Iron Cross 2nd Class Document. Interesting ...

300,00 €

Canadian 8RCA Battledress Jacket

Canadian Battle-Dress jacket as intended for a Canadian soldier within the 8RCA (8 Royal Canadian Artillery), part of the 5th Canadian Armoured Division, which took part in the liberation of Italy and the Netherlands. Complete with all period applied insignia. Dated 1944. Great original tunic!

345,00 €

M34 DD 'Feuerschutzpolizei ' Helmet

Double Decal M34 Fire Protection Police Helmet (Feuerschutzpolizei Stahlhelm M34). Both the police and party decal are for about 95% present, the helmet is showing normal traces of usage and some small scratches. Nice original helmet in good condition!

250,00 €

Binoculars leather carrying strap

Nice and often missing piece of equipment: Wehrmacht binoculars leather carrying strap (Trageriemen). The strap is in used condition, complete with both aluminum studs. Hard to find replacement item!

25,00 €

Wehrmacht Food Container Carrying Straps

Wehrmacht Food Container Carrying Straps (Trageriemen für den Essenträger). Webbing and leather construction carrying straps. The straps are in nicely maker marked and dated 1943. Perfect for completing a food container. Hard to find original straps!

200,00 €

Field Telephone Transformer

Wehrmacht Field Telephone Transformer Pouch. The simulated leather carrying case is nicely maker marked and dated '42 cxv' indicating production in 1942, there is also a nice WaA marking. Nice original pouch in good used condition!

75,00 €

HJ - DJH Collecting Box Banderole

HJ - DJH Collecting Box Banderole (Banderole für Spendenbüchse). As used on the collecting boxes used at the street collections (Reichsstraßensammlung) held by the 'Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk'. Decorative original item!

40,00 €

Wehrmacht 'Erdspieß'

Wehrmacht radio and telephone communication grounding wire rod (Erdspieß). The grounding pin is nicely maker marked, there is a 'WaA' marking as well. Nice example in good used condition!

60,00 €

Gau Thüringen Enamel Sign

Gau Thüringen Enamel Sign (Emailleschild). The sign was a call of Gauleiter Fritz Sauckel for bringing the Hitler salute as a sign of gratitude. The regrettably heavily damaged sign is measuring approximately 57,5 x 38,5 cms. Still a rare original enamel sign!

295,00 €

WH Panzer Model 'B' Throat Microphone

Wehrmacht Panzer Model 'B' Throat Microphone (Kehlkopfmikrofon). The set is complete with it's original wire and plug. Nice complete set in very good condition, hard to find piece of equipment!

295,00 €

Standard WH binoculars 'Dienstglas' 6 x 30

Standard Wehrmacht binoculars 'Dienstglas' 6 x 30. Maker marked by the company of 'Carl Zeiss' from Jena. The binoculars are complete with leather carrying strap, anti-movement flap and bakelite lens cover. A nice and honest piece of equipment!

195,00 €

'Wohnung des 2. Beigeordneten' Enamel Sign

'Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei' (NSDAP) Enamel Sign (Emailleschild) 'Wohnung des 2. Beigeordneten' (home of the mayors second assistant). The sign is measuring approximately 40 x 30 cms. Hard to find original enamel sign in very good condition!

995,00 €

NSDAP Enamel Sign

'Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei' (NSDAP) Enamel Sign (Emailleschild). The enamel is showing some normal traces of usage, the sign is not visible maker marked. The sign is measuring approximately 49,5 x 49,5 cms. Hard to find original enamel sign in good used condition!

795,00 €

Luftwaffe 'LKpN101' Summer Flight Helmet

Luftwaffe 'LKpN101' Summer Flight Helmet (Netzkopfhaube mit FT-Gerät). The cap is complete with label and maker marked with manufacturer's code 'hdc' which is indicating production by 'Luftfahrtgerätewerk Hakenfelde GmbH' from Berlin-Spandau. Nice original 'Netzkopfhaube' in good condition!

450,00 €

Wehrmacht Medical Soap Container

Wehrmacht Medical Soap Container. The aluminum soap container is marked with 'Arzt' (Doctor). These containers were stored in the large wooden medical equipment boxes. Nice original container in good used condition!

35,00 €

Wehrmacht Personal "Mica" Kit

Rare original Wehrmacht Personal "Mica" Kit (Soldaten Wirtschaftskasten). This kit was stored inside the mess kits and would contain all necessary personal items. The kit is complete with it's original inner frame and most original contents. Hard to find original set!

295,00 €

Luftwaffe ID-disc 'L.Hpt.M.A.Bork A.707'

This is an aluminum Luftwaffe ID-disc (Erkennungsmarke) as intended for a member within the 'L.Hpt.M.A.Bork' (Luftwaffen-Haupt-Munitionsanstalt Bork). The ID-disc shows regular usage. Nice original ID-disc in good used condition!

50,00 €

WH Transport Soldier's Swallow's Nests

WH (Heer) Transport Soldier's Swallow's Nests (Schwalbennester für Musiker). The woolen backing is missing. Nice pair in good used, clearly tunic removed, condition!

50,00 €

German Reichswehr Visor Cap

German Reichswehr period EM/NCO's Visor Cap (Schirmmütze). The cap is complete with it's original cocarde. The cap is having a so-called "crusher" style leather visor. Nice original early visor cap in good used condition!

395,00 €

WH (Heer) Officer's Type Cap-eagle

Wehrmacht (Heer) Officer's Type Cap-eagle (Schiffchenadler). The eagle is executed in the neat so-called 'BeVo'-weave technique in 'flat-wire' silver threads on a fieldgrey background. Nice and hard to find original example in mint and unissued condition!

100,00 €

Prussian Red Cross Medal Grouping

Prussian Red Cross Medal Grouping including 2 Red Cross Medals and a Hindenburg Cross, all with female confectioned ribbons. Also included in the grouping are a nice miniature-set, various ribbon-bars and 8 postcard-size photographs. Interesting original grouping in good condition!

195,00 €

Cased Prussian Golden Merit Cross

Prussian Golden Merit Cross with Case and Outer Carton (Verdienstkreuz in Gold im Überkarton). The case and outer carton are the same as can be used for the Military Merit Cross and very hard to find! Rare and desirable original set in very good condition!

395,00 €

US M1 Helmet Hawley Liner

US M1 Helmet Hawley Liner. The liner is in slightly damaged condition, there is one tear on the wearer's right side, see photos. The chinstrap is regrettably damaged. Hard to find so-called Hawley liner in used condition!

295,00 €

Luftwaffe Field Division Portrait Photo

Luftwaffe Portrait-photo showing an 'Unteroffizier' from a Luftwaffe Field Division wearing his flight blouse and M43 cap. The photo measures 14 x 9,5 cms (postcard size). Rare original portrait-photo!

35,00 €

WH (Heer) M35 SD Combat Helmet

Wehrmacht (Heer) M35 Single Decal Reissued Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M35). 'NS68' marked helmet, complete with size '60' liner and original chinstrap. Nice and honest original reissued M35 combat helmet in very good condition!

1050,00 €

German Hunting Association Badge

German Hunting Association (Deutsche Jägerschaft) Badge (Jagdschutzabzeichen). Nice 43x33mm silvered tombak (Buntmetall) badge. The badge is nicely 'Ges.Gesch' marked on the back and complete with a functional pin/catch system. Nice original example!

150,00 €

'Ernst Udet' Cigarettes Box

'Ernst Udet' Cigarettes Box. The metal box is sized approximately 11,5 x 7,5 x 2 cms. The cigarettes were produced by the company 'Lessing & Co' from Frankfurt am Main. Nice and decorative original box in very good condition!

125,00 €

Waffen-SS Tropical Shorts

Waffen-SS Tropical Sahariana Shorts (Waffen-SS kurze Tropenhose für Mannschaften). Nicely marked and complete with all buttons. The shorts are in very good only slighlty worn condition. These tropical SS shorts are scarce and extremely hard to find in this condition!

750,00 €

WHW Collecting Box 'Ortsgruppe Brüssel'

'Winterhilfswerk des deutschen Volkes' Collecting Box (Spendenbüchse ). The Collecting Box is complete with original paper banderol of the N.S.D.A.P.-AO from the 'Ortsgruppe Brüssel' (Belgium). Rare original WHW Collecting Box in good used condition!

200,00 €

WH (Heer) sport-shirt breast-eagle

WH (Heer) BeVo sport-shirt breast-eagle, approximately sized 28 x 14,5 cms.The eagle is just a bit wrinkled and shows some staining caused by years of storage. Nice original example in good unissued condition!

50,00 €

Kriegsmarine sport-shirt breast-eagle

WH (Kriegsmarine) BeVo sport-shirt breast-eagle, approximately sized 27 x 15cms.The eagle is just a bit wrinkled and shows some staining caused by years of storage. Nice original example in good unissued condition!

50,00 €

DAF Honorary Certificate & Paperweight

German Labor Front (DAF) Honorary Certificate for 40 years of loyal duty fulfillment, still stored in it's orignial cardboard tube. The Certificate comes together with a heavy quality (1,2kgs) Paperweight showing the DAF logo. Decorative original set as found together!

250,00 €

Kriegsmarine 'Gösch Flagge' (Jack Flag)

Kriegsmarine 'Gösch Flagge' (Jack Flag). This was the official national and mercantile flag of Germany. Nice 80x135 cms. sized flag. Nicely maker marked and KM marked. Nice and desirable original flag in good used condition!

395,00 €

Wehrmacht Vehicle Identification Flag

Wehrmacht Flag with grommets in the corners, used for vehicle identification from the air to avoid being bombed by other German units. The flag is sized approximately 116 x 97 cms. Rare original Swastika vehicle identification flag in used condition!

350,00 €

Luftwaffe Flight Log Book

Luftwaffe Flight Log Book of 'Rudi Ulmer' (Flugbuch). He has flown in a Ju86, Ju52, W34, FW58, He111 and the Do17z. There are 258 flight entries of which 16 registered as enemy flights, bombing Stalino. Very interesting original log book!

295,00 €

'Deutsches Frauenwerk' Members Pin

'Deutsches Frauenwerk' Members Pin (Mitgliedsabzeichen). Nicely maker marked with RZM M1/8 - 'Ferdinand Wagner' in Pforzheim. Nice example in good used condition!

30,00 €

'N.S.-Frauenschaft' Members Pin

'Nat.Soz.Frauenschaft' Members Pin (Mitgliedsabzeichen). This is the smaller 23mm version. Nicely maker marked with RZM M1/128. Nice example in good used condition!

25,00 €

DRKB Shooting award in Bronze

DRKB Shooting Award in Bronze ('Schießauszeichnung'). This is the 2nd model shooting award, made of 'Buntmetall', finished in bronze. The badge is not visible maker marked. Nice example in top condition!

25,00 €
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