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Bakelite 'Hautentgiftungsmittel' Box


Original bakelite box for skin detoxification (Hautentgiftungsmittel). Next to the Gasmask as a protective device, german soldiers were issued with skin and weapon decontaminants. One of the skin decontaminants was 'Losantin' (introduced in 1935). These were issued in a brown bakelite box which contained 10 tablets. It was used to detoxificate the skin after a (mustard) gas attack (Senfgas). The box is approximately sized 7,7 x 2,6 x 1,5 cms. The box is complete with its original contents (10 tablets), its original label and still closed with the black tape which indicates production in 1941, the bakelite box is maker marked and dated 1941. These bakelite boxes are often empty and missing their labels, hard to find example in very good condition!

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