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MG34/42 'Patronenkasten 34'


MG34 or MG42 Ammunition Box (Patronenkasten 34). The M34 ammo cases were originally developed for use with the MG34, and held up to three hundred rounds of the 7.92mm ammunition. The M34 and M41 cases were used through-out the war with minor construction variations and were adopted for use with the MG42 on its introduction. This case is an early aluminum construction example painted in fieldgrey. The box still retains most of its original leather reinforcement at the handles. The case is showing some normal scratches caused by usage. The box is nicely maker marked and dated 1939, it is 'WaA' marked as well. The metal closure clip is damaged but still functional, see close up photos. Nice original ammo box in good used condition!

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