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Camouflaged 'Kart s.F.H.18' Ammunition Box

Camouflaged 'Kart s.F.H.18' Ammunition Box (Munitionskiste), intended to hold 3 cartridges for the heavy field howitzer 18. The wooden box shows a beautiful early pre-war camouflage overpaint. The box is sized approximately 62 x 31 x 24 cms. Decorative original ammunition box!

€ 225,00

Wehrmacht Mess Kit M31 in Camouflage

German Mess Kit M31 (Kochgeschirr 31). Nice larger type aluminum and steel construction mess kit, marked with 'E.E.F.37' indicating production in 1937. The mess kit still retains a fair amount of its original three-tone camouflage paint!

€ 295,00

Wehrmacht Binoculars 'Dienstglas 7x50'

Standard larger type Wehrmacht 7x50 Binoculars (Doppelfernrohr). Maker marked with 'blc' indicating production by company of 'Carl Zeiss' from Jena. The binoculars are complete with leather carrying strap and bakelite rain-cover. Nice original binoculars!

€ 325,00

NJS - Jeugdstorm Table Flag

NJS 'Jeugdstorm' Table Flag (NJS Tafelvlag). The orange coloured flag is showing a printed NJS Gull logo. The flag is sized approximately 21 x 20 cms and comes attached to its original 35cms high wooden pole. Rare and decorative original NJS Table Flag!

€ 450,00

NJS - Jeugdstorm Banner

NJS 'Jeugdstorm' Banner (NJS Banier/Vlag). The banner is made of orange coloured wool with a separate, machine stitched white NJS Gull logo. The banner is sized approximately 106 x 27 cms. There is some moth damage. Rare original NJS Banner!

€ 250,00

WH M31 Canteen and Cup

This is a nice Wehrmacht M31 Canteen and Cup (Feldflasche 31 und Trinkbecher). Nice original aluminum canteen, complete with bakelite cup. Nice original canteen in good used condition!

€ 120,00

Dutch Police Wooden Prisoner Transportation Stick

World War 2 Dutch Police Wooden Prisoner Transportation Stick (Opbrengstok). The stick was put inside one trouser leg and strapped around the ankle and waist. Rare and hard to find original item!

€ 250,00

WH (Heer) M36 Field Blouse

Wehrmacht (Heer) NCO's M36 Field Blouse (Feldbluse M36) as intended for an 'Unteroffizier' within an Infantry Regiment. Complete with original applied breast-eagle, collar-tabs and a nice pair of shoulder-boards. Nice original M36 tunic in good used and worn condition!

€ 1750,00

Cased Wound Badge in Gold '30'

Cased Wound Badge in Gold (Verwundeten Abzeichen in Gold). The tombak badge is maker marked '30' indicating production by the 'Hauptmünzamt' from Wien and comes in its matching case. The badge is nicely engraved with the soldier's name and unit. Stunning original set!

€ 495,00

'Org. Todt' non-reversible Winter Trousers

'Org. Todt' non-reversible olive-green winter trousers (Winterhose für Mannschaften). The trousers are nicely maker marked by the 'Lago Hessen', there is a Todt stamp as well. Nice and scarce original winter trousers in very good condition!

€ 550,00

British Leather Combat Jerkin 1944

British Camouflaged Leather Combat Jerkin 1944 (Jerkin, Leather No.2, Camouflaged). The size 2 jerkin is complete with manufacturers label from the company 'H. Edgard & Sons Ltd.' and dated 1944. The leather is in supple condition. Nice original example in good used condition!

€ 200,00

Reichspost K98 Combat Bayonet & Frog

Reichspost K98 Combat Bayonet with Frog (Seitengewehr 98K mit Seitengewehrtasche). The bayonet is nicely maker marked by 'Paul Weyersberg & Co' from Solingen and showing the unique serial number '13145 R.P.'. Rare original bayonet in good condition!

€ 295,00

Incomplete M38 FJ Helmet Chinstrap

Incomplete Luftwaffe M38 Fallschirmjäger Helmet Chinstrap (Sturmriemen). Textbook part of the original paratrooper helmet chinstrap, made of suede lined grey coloured leather. If you own a helmet without straps this piece might look better then nothing at all!

€ 100,00

Wehrmacht M31 Drinking Cup

This is a nice original Wehrmacht M31 Drinking Cup (Trinkbecher 31). The aluminum cup is not visible maker marked or dated. This would be a nice addition to a personal kit display. Nice original example in good used condition!

€ 35,00

German 'FlaFla' Tobacco Package

German 'FlaFla' Tobacco Package from the company of 'Martin Brinkmann K.G.' from Bremen. Complete with intact 'banderolle' showing the German Eagle. Nice and decorative original package in good unissued condition!

€ 35,00

WH (Heer) Award Document Grouping

WH (Heer) Award-Document Grouping consisting of various early pre-war Sport Award Documents and a War Merit Cross 2nd Class Document, signed by 'Eduard Wagner' who arranged the flight that took Claus von Stauffenberg from the Wolfsschanze back to Berlin. Interesting grouping!

€ 200,00

Bakelite 'Caporit-Tabletten' Box

Original unissued bakelite box of 'Caporit-Tabletten', used for drinking water disinfection. The tablets were made by the "Behringwerke", I.G. Farbenindustrie Aktiengesellschaft' from Leverkusen. The box is dated 1942. Rare original item!

€ 75,00

Wehrmacht Equipment Strap

Wehrmacht Equipment Strap (Mantelriemen). Equipment straps were popular for a wide variety of uses. The strap is double maker marked with 'RB.Nr. 0/1165/0014' and by manufacturer "A. Jeurgen's" from Goch and dated 1941. Nice original double marked strap in very good condition!

€ 35,00

Luftwaffe Pencil

Luftwaffe Pencil (Bleistift). The red coloured 'Polychromos 801' type pencil was made by the company 'Schwan' from Bavaria, the pencil is nicely marked 'Luftwaffe Eigentum' (Luftwaffe Property). There is one crack, see photos. Decorative original pencil!

€ 20,00

Gebirgsjäger Petsamo Souvernir Hanger

Wehrmacht Gebirgsjäger Petsamo Souvernir Pocket Watch Chain (Anhänger). Locally made souvernir which originate from the Petsamo area in Finland and were sold to Gebirgsjäger soldiers. Great and decorative original item!

€ 350,00

KVK 2nd Class without Swords in Pouch

War Merit Cross 2nd Class without Swords (Kriegsverdienst Kreuz 2. Klasse ohne Schwerter). The 'Buntmetall' cross is complete with its original ribbon and pouch of issue. Both the cross and pouch are maker marked by the company of 'Deschler & Sohn' in München. Nice set in mint condition!

€ 65,00

Mothers Cross in Bronze

Mothers Cross in Bronze (Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter) in mint and unissued condition, complete with original long sized ribbon and tissue wrapping paper. This cross originates from the famous 'Deschler' hoard. Nice original cross!

€ 45,00

KVK 2nd Class without Swords

War Merit Cross 2nd Class without Swords (Kriegsverdienst Kreuz 2. Klasse ohne Schwerter), complete with its original 24cms long sized ribbon and tissue wrapping paper. This cross originates from the famous 'Deschler' hoard. Nice cross in good unissued condition!

€ 37,50

DAF Members Book

DAF- 'Deutsche Arbeitsfront' Members Book (Mitgliedsbuch). The booklet was issued on 1 May 1940 to 'Georg Schimmel' from Barmen. Revenue stamps have been pasted from 1940/1941. Nice example in good used condition!

€ 20,00

German Imperial Pilots Badge

This is a stunning original Imperial WW1 Prussian Pilots Badge (Militär-Flugzeugführerabzeichen). The badge is not visible maker marked but can very likely be attributed to the company of 'C.E. Juncker' from Berlin. Desirable original imperial pilot's badge in very good condition!

€ 750,00

Norwegian 'Nasjonal Samling' Cloth Insignia

Norwegian 'Nasjonal Samling' (NS) Cloth Insignia. The insignia is woven in a technique similar to the BeVo-weave. Rare original example in good unissued condition!

€ 125,00

Norwegian 'Nasjonal Samling' Member's Pin

Norwegian 'Nasjonal Samling' (NS) Members Pin. The pin is nicely '925' silver hallmarked on the back and maker marked. Nice example in very good condition!

€ 125,00

'SA-Wehrmannschaften' Armband

This is a nice red coloured, linnen-based armband (Armbinde), these armband were worn by the SA Military defense training groups (SA-Wehrmannschaften). Complete with its original 'RZM' etiket ('B-Stück'). Nice original armband in good condition!

€ 175,00

Dutch Police Kepi

Dutch 'Schalkhaar' Police Kepi (Kepie der Staatspolitie), Model 1928. Nice example having three bands of blue piping, the Kepi is complete with its original cocarde. Nice original large sized Kepi in good used condition

€ 150,00

Late war Enamelled Mess Kit M42 - WJ44

Late war enamelled steel construction WH Mess Kit M42 - Kochgeschirr 42 (Eis.). The mess kit is nicely maker marked and dated 'WJ44' indicating production in 1944. The mess kit still retains most of its original dark black/grey enamel. Rare original example in good used condition!

€ 175,00

Luftwaffe Portrait Photo

Luftwaffe Portrait Photo showing a soldier wearing his Flight Blouse and an M35 DD Combat Helmet. The photo is dated 9 October 1938. Nice original portrait-photo!

€ 25,00

Small size Polizei Portrait Photo

Small size Polizei Portrait Photo showing a Police member wearing his Tunic having a SA Sports Badge attached. The photo measures approximately 7 x 5,5 cms. Nice original portrait-photo!

€ 10,00

WW2 Iron Cross 1st Class 'L/10'

Iron Cross 1st Class (Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse). The cross is maker marked with number 'L/10' indicating production by the company of the 'Deschler & Sohn' from München. Rare original cross in very good condition!

€ 950,00

WH (Heer) M43 Cap

WH (Heer) M43 Cap (Einheitsfeldmütze M43). Complete with original BeVo M43-model cap-eagle/cocarde trapezoid. The cap is nicely maker marked with 'RBNr.0/1156/0018' and size '57' marked, it is dated 1944 (L/44). Nice and nowadays hard to find original WH (Heer) M43 cap!

€ 950,00

WH (Heer) EM/NCO's Belt Buckle 'D&C1940'

Wehrmacht (Heer) EM/NCO's Belt Buckle (Koppelschloß). Nice fieldgrey painted steel construction box buckle. The buckle is nicely maker marked 'D&C1940' indicating production by 'Dransfeld & Co'. Nice original belt buckle in good used condition!

€ 135,00

Dutch 'Persoonsbewijs' Grouping Almelo

Dutch 'Persoonsbewijs' (Civil Identification Card) Grouping. This ID-card belonged to a man and his wife from the city of Almelo and were issued in 1941. Nice original set in good used condition!

€ 75,00

British Airborne Parachute Qualification Wing

British Airborne Parachute Qualification Wing. The wartime british made wing is embroidered in light-blue and white on a olive-brown woolen background. Nice original Parachute Qualification Wing in clearly used and tunic removed condition!

€ 95,00

KVK 2nd Class '6'

War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords (Kriegsverdienst Kreuz 2. Klasse mit Schwerter). The 'Buntmetall' cross is maker marked with number '6' indicating production by the company of 'Fritz Zimmermann' from Stuttgart. It comes with a nice ribbon bar. Nice original set!

€ 45,00

WH (Heer) M36 Type Breast Eagle

Wehrmacht (Heer) M36 Type Breast-Eagle (Hoheitsabzeichen). The eagle is executed in the neat so-called BeVo weave style in white/grey thread on a darkgreen linnen background. Nice example in good unissued condition!

€ 75,00

WH (Heer) BeVo M40 Cap Cocarde

This is the standard-type WH (Heer) M40 cap cocarde, woven according to the 'BeVo'-weave technique in linnen on a fieldgrey cotton background. As worn on the M34 overseas caps. Nice original example in mint and unissued condition!

€ 30,00

SS/SD Clothing Administration Booklet

SS 'Bestandsbuch für Bekleidung und Ausrüstung' being a Clothing Administration Booklet, named to SS-Unterstürmführer 'Karl Brand' from the infamous SD Standort 'Lublin'. Filled in booklet which comes together with an additional document. Interesting documents!

€ 295,00

Luftwaffe Single Decal M40 Combat Helmet

Luftwaffe M40 Single Decal Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M40). 'Q64' marked shell, complete with its original liner and regrettably damaged chinstrap. Nice original helmet in good used condition!

€ 675,00

NSDAP Member's Armband

NSDAP Member's Armband (Armbinde). The armband is complete with RZM label. This armband was found after the liberation in May 1945 in the garden of a house next to the SD Headquarters in Almelo, located at the 'Bornsestraat 96' in Almelo. Interesting piece of history!

€ 175,00

Wasserschützpolizei Visor Cap Eagle

This is a nice Wasserschützpolizei Visor Cap-eagle (Mützenadler). The bright-golden-coloured aluminum cap-eagle is complete with both prongs. Maker marked with the logo from the company of 'Hermann Aurich' from Dresden. Nice example in mint and unissued condition!

€ 150,00

Polizei Officer's arm-eagle

Polizei Officer's Arm Eagle. The eagle is nicely hand-embroidered in bullion silver threads on a bluish/fieldgrey woolen background, the silver embroidery is carefully period gold painted and was found together with some 'Wasserschützpolizei' insignia. Nice original eagle!

€ 195,00

WH Tropical Style Signal Blitz 'Panzergrenadiere'

WH (Heer) Tropical Style Signals Personnel's Trade Badge as intended for a 'Panzergrenadiere' Soldier (Tätigkeitsabzeichen für Nachrichtenpersonal). The badge is neatly machine-embroidered in lime-green on brown wool. Nice example in good used condition!

€ 45,00

WH M31 Canteen and Cup 'MN44'

This is a nice late war Wehrmacht M31 Canteen and Cup (Feldflasche 31 und Trinkbecher). Red painted steel canteen with gabardine cover, complete with steel cup. The straps and cup are nicely maker marked and dated 'SMM44'. Nice original late war canteen in good used condition!

€ 165,00

German 'Leuchtpistole 34'

German Flare Pistol - 'Leuchtpistole 34' (LP34). Nicely maker marked by 'Erma-Erfurt' and dated 1937. This is a functional flare gun, exempted by the Dutch law in Article 18, paragraph 1, in d, annex II of the Rwm. Sale only to persons above the age of 18!

€ 375,00

WH (Heer) K98 Ammo Pouch 1943

WH (Heer) K98 Ammo Pouch (Patronentaschen). Nice mid war example made of blackened leather with brown leather straps. The pouch is nicely maker marked and dated 'gfg 1943'. The pouch is complete with all partitions. Nice original pouch in good condition!

€ 80,00

Cased Dutch Expedition Cross

Cased Dutch 'Ereteken voor Belangrijke Krijgsbedrijven' (Cross for Important Military Operations), known as expedition cross. Complete with its original ribbon and clasp 'Kleine Soenda Eilanden 1905-1909'. Nice set in very good condition!

€ 75,00